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Casa Claros, Stunning House in Bolivia Blends in with Natural by Sommet

Casa Claros designed by Sommet, located on a slope overlooking the city along the riverside. Indeed, this house seamlessly integrates with the terrain, cleverly presenting a modest facade on the street side despite its substantial 1600 sqm expanse. A testament to architectural ingenuity, this 4-story residence captivates with its clean lines and judicious material selection, […]

Pomarino House, Integrates Elegance with Panoramic Views by Sommet

Pomarino House designed by Sommet at the intersection of the primary streets that define its gated community, takes the form of an “L,” strategically opening itself to neighboring vistas from every conceivable angle. Unconstrained by privacy concerns, the design boldly situates the swimming pool in a prominent corner, showcasing the residence’s architectural prowess and fostering […]

GG House, harmonize elegance with Nature in secluded Oasis by Sommet

GG House designed by Sommet, nestled in a lush gated community, graces a privileged site surrounded by verdant vegetation, is a testament to architectural ingenuity. Indeed, set atop a natural slope, the house seamlessly integrates with the terrain. Also, create a three level haven that masterfully conceals the service areas below ground. Two overlapping volumes, […]

Salatino House, Embracing Nature in Bolivian Elegance by Sommet

Salatino House designed by Sommet within the secured confines of Porongo, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Indeed, this house epitomizes a harmonious blend of contemporary design with its natural surroundings. Positioned within a gated community, the house ingeniously orients itself towards the neighboring golf course, seamlessly integrating this expansive green space into its design. Its striking composition […]