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Casa SEKIZ, take form of concrete large set dice by Di Frenna Arquitectos

Casa SEKIZ designed by Di Frenna Arquitectos is a stunning two-storey house. Located in Colima, Mexico, the house offers an enviable view of the golf course and the majestic Volcán de Colima. Insides the house, the natural light and ventilation create a cozy and private atmosphere. Also, due to climatic conditions of the city of […]

Casa Mao, Achieves Perfect balance of Contrasts by Di Frenna Arquitectos

Casa Mao designed by Di Frenna Arquitectos is a stunning house, which sets the standard to achieve a perfect balance of contrasts. From the outside, the house is impressive with the steady open corner lot, yet still open itself to the interior and lead the views directly to jungle vegetation that surrounds. Indeed, parotas, palms […]

Water House, a Modern and Comfortable Home by Di Frenna Arquitectos

Water House designed by Di Frenna Arquitectos is a stunning and modern home. Indeed, the architect took advantage of humid tropical climate in Colima to design a project with living spaces that are completely open to the outside but still ensure privacy. Also, the architectural program developed facilitate the privacy of the house and its […]

Keita House in Mexico by Di Frenna Arquitectos

Keita House in Mexico is an 283 square meter contemporary residence recently completed with amazing design from Di Frenna Arquitectos. In the design, all the spaces are somehow permeated by either vegetation, wind and natural light, components that at the same time conquer until erasing the barrier between nature and architecture. As a first encounter […]

Arbo House in Colima, Mexico by Di Frenna Arquitectos

Arbo House in Colima is completely unique and open spaces with the diverse landscapes generated by the variety of its species, materials, and colors. The main concept is to live abroad, having a unique space without the need for divisions by walls. The facades have wooden parasols in rail systems, this will create dynamic and […]