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Mulberry House, Stunning Brand-new Home in India by DADA Partners

Mulberry House designed by DADA Partners with the unique identity design. Located in New Delhi, India, this house hinged around a Mulberry tree that was the only feature of a barren site. Upon entering the site, one immediately notices the lush green tree that becomes the drop off focal point towards the North of the […]

Horizon House, Stunning house in New Delhi, India by DADA Partners

Horizon House designed by DADA Partners is an impressive project which combine luxury interiors with a carefully curated outdoor landscape. Indeed, this house is an exploration of the terrace typology with floating roofs projecting over the terraces and built form. The house conceived as an assembly of two fairly rectangular blocks. They are the East-facing […]

The Overhang House, a Cozy Home in India Designed by DADA Partners

Overhang House located in New Delhi, India that designed by DADA partners is a beautiful construction with simple and fine lines that satisfies the customer’s demands. Indeed, it is perfect place for a family because it offers privacy and intimacy due to its location in the suburbs of New Delhi. This is more than a […]

Caryota house, with soaring palm centres modern home by DADA Partners

Caryota House designed by DADA & Partners, located in the tranquil landscape of almost three acres, but still offers comfort and luxury for the owner. The project developed in three levels around the Caryota palm courtyard. On the other hand, all other trees retained in their locations and the new building took shape around these. […]

Monochrome House, Privacy, Openness in Modern style by DADA Partners

Monochrome House designed by DADA Partners. It fitted for a young couple who wanted it to work as a youthful residence and a space that’s fit for entertainment. The house explores the idea of landscape thresholds that inter connect with all spaces both horizontally and vertically. Set across four levels, this house seamlessly intertwines the […]

Porch House, luxury Home with Nature harmony in India by DADA Partners

Porch House designed by DADA Partners, located on 2-acre farmland in India, designed with a generous court that faces the rising Sun. Indeed, the house offers a spacious spaces for the homeowner’s use demand with high end amenities and sophisticated design. Besides, the design also focuses on sustainability and harmony with the environment. And as […]