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Surprising Seclusion House, an Inward-looking Home by HYLA Architects

Surprising Seclusion designed by HYLA Architects is a suitable name for a house in Singapore’s Binchang Rise, as an oasis away the hustle and bustle of life. With both the front and rear of the house facing busy city roads, the prospect of creating a private and relaxing home was a difficult one for HYLA […]

Toh Crescent, a Stunning 10-Unit Cluster of Houses by HYLA Architects

Toh Crescent designed by HYLA Architects, an award winning architectural firm based in Singapore, is a 10-unit cluster of houses, separating communal and private spaces, arranged around a central courtyard dominated by cascaded swimming pools. Indeed, HLYA Architects responds to a demand that often arises when it comes to residential developments with communal spaces. It […]

Green Revelation House Enveloped by Lush Gardens by HYLA Architects

Green Revelation House designed by HYLA Architects is a detached house surrounded by trees and surrounding landscape. The project with unique design makes the most of the energy of nature to create an airy and comfortable living space. This detached house has 6 separate gardens and courtyards on different floors. Hence, it is perfect for […]