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Casa View, a Modern Masterpiece Designed by Karina Pontes Arquitetura

Casa View, a visionary creation by Karina Pontes Arquitetura, emerges as a testament to architectural excellence. This masterpiece encapsulates modern design and functional living within its walls.Nestled within its surroundings, Casa View seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with the natural environment. Designed to offer a sanctuary of comfort and sophistication, it stands as an embodiment of […]

Golf House, a Stunning Project Designed by Karina Pontes Arquitetura

Golf House in Brazil, a stunning architectural marvel brought to life by the visionary designs of Karina Pontes Arquitetura. This house stands as a testament to modern elegance nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Brazil. Indeed, this house seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with the tranquility of its surroundings. Its sleek lines and minimalist facade create […]

Bagiru House, an Extraordinary Project by Karina Pontes Arquitetura

Bagiru House designed by Karina Pontes Arquitetura, nestled in the vibrant city of São Paulo, Brazil. Indeed, this house stands as an architectural masterpiece envisioned by Karina Pontes Arquitetura. This extraordinary residence seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the rich cultural backdrop of its location, resulting in a harmonious synthesis of design and environment. One of […]

Forest House Celebrates Beauty of Nature by Karina Pontes Arquitetura

Forest House, a captivating creation by Karina Pontes Arquitetura, seamlessly blends architecture with the natural landscape. This architectural gem is nestled within a tranquil nature setting, offers a harmonious retreat that celebrates the beauty of nature. The design ingeniously incorporates modern and luxurious elements. While preserve the serene ambiance of the surrounding environment. Indeed, positioned […]

RL House, a Perfect Contemporary Retreat by Karina Pontes Arquitetura

The RL House emerges gracefully from a mountainside, nestled in the scenic beauty of São Roque town, São Paulo State. Set amidst lush vegetation and boast mesmerizing sunsets, this location served as the muse for the architect to craft a home that not only celebrates nature. But also provides a tranquil retreat for its inhabitants. […]