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Tarpon Bend Residence with Sustainable Design by Strang Architecture

Tarpon Bend Residence designed by Strang Architecture, is a remarkable new residence along the Tarpon Bend Canal in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their comprehensive work encompassed the architecture, interior design, decor, art advisory, and landscape design. To pay homage to the natural surroundings, Strang incorporated the existing oak trees into the design, create timeless and harmonious […]

River’s Reach Residence Offers Outdoor Lifestyle by Strang Architecture

River’s Reach Residence, designed by Strang Architecture, is a stunning waterfront home that embraces an outdoor lifestyle and maximizes the scenic views of the waterway. The strategic placement of outdoor living and dining areas ensures they capture refreshing breezes and offer optimal vistas. On the other hand, the second floor of the house features vertical […]

Angel Oaks Residence, Seamless In-outdoor Living by Strang Architecture

Angel Oaks Residence, designed by Strang Design, is situated on a spacious suburban lot in South Miami and revolves around majestic existing oak trees. The house, spanning 929 square meters, takes the shape of an “H” and features a central courtyard, with a bridge connecting two wings above the main living room. The design gives […]

Bass Residence in Miami, Florida by Strang Architecture

Bass Residence in Miami was designed by Strang Architecture in Modern style offers luxurious living from high-end finish and luxurious amenities. This home located on beautiful lot with amazing views and wonderful outdoor living spaces including patio, pool, garden and more. This home is truly dream house was built from excellent home design combined by […]