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Twin Home with Stunning Open Spaces in India by The Grid Architects

Twin Home designed by The Grid Architects is a brand new home located in Ahmedabad, India. The ideology of this house is to create memorable architecture. To have a simple plan with a singular passage, all living spaces connected to the garden and basically divided the house without compromising light and ventilation. On the other […]

Casa Bianca, white house offers serenity & harmony by The Grid Architects

Casa Bianca designed by The Grid Architects is tranquil home set in urban Ahmedabad. The intuitive interaction with the forces of nature creates a dynamism that lends itself to the indoor – outdoor dialogue that is at the heart of the architecture. Also, it emphasizes a harmonious coexistence; not just of the building with its […]

The Screen House in India by The Grid Architects

Screen House in India is a beautifully integrated development was built in 2018 and designed by The Grid Architects. The estate a large family and various age groups. It comprises three discrete spaces, each one serving the needs of sub-sets of the unit, yet linked in spirit and design. Photo : Photographix India