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TH House, Optimized for Ease of Use and Maintenance by 85 Design

Designed by 85 Design, TH House boasts an elegant white facade and was built with the intention of incorporating ample space for plants. The project presented three key challenges. Firstly, the house had to accommodate a couple with sufficient space for their children and grandchildren to stay over the weekend, while ensuring ease of use, […]

Pi House Combine Western design & Vietnam tradition by D&P Associates

Pi House designed by D&P Associates for a French gentleman who has lived and worked in Vietnam for nearly 30 years. He has a deep love and a great passion for Vietnamese traditional art and culture. Therefore, thishouse is a beautiful combination of modern Western architecture and the traditional beauty of Vietnam as desired by […]

Villa Connect, nice L-shape with nature connection by Story Architecture

Villa Connect designed by Story Architecture, to design spaces that serve people. Located in Moi City, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong, Vietnam, this house design to adapt the owner’s demand with simple lifestyle and nature connection. Indeed, to create cohesion among family members, the architect develop an architecture that makes people feel interested to live […]

Hillside House, Stunning House with Breathtaking views by Cote Architects

Hillside House designed by Cote Architects is an impressive project, which set on the on the site’s highest point, offers a breathtaking views of the surrounding hillsides. From the exterior, the house covered with the green trees, makes itself blend in with the nature. The facade with green vines along the roof, corridor, and balcony […]

Cobblestone House with Unique Living Space by 1+1>2 Architects

Cobblestone House designed by 1+1>2 Architects to adapt the requirement for energy – efficient architecture. Also creates space for children to live, study and experience diversely, which is close to nature. Cobblestone House is made with materials: a bamboo ceiling, bamboo blinds, Thai and Muong ethnic brocade fabric, clear Black Dao doors (window panes of […]

TA House Connects Living Space and Nature by M+TRO.Studio

TA House designed by M+TRO.Studio is a stunning house which has strong connection between inside and outside. Indeed, the House is a special housing project that receives meticulous care and great harmony between the investor and the office’s design philosophy on residential space. Also, the harmony of the living space and nature with a minimalist […]

Small House 02, Stunning minimalist and cozy 4-level house by 90odesign

Small House 02 designed by 90odesign is the home of a young family with two young sons. Indeed, the architect has successfully brought a new look to the 4-level house that is very popular in the suburbs. In this house, family members can look at trees, sunshine, clouds in their own living space. The project […]

The Drawers House in Vietnam by MIA Design Studio

The house with drawers in Vung Tau, Vietnam, is a one-storey house located on a plot of 470 m2 with 60% land use for landscaping designed by MIA Design Studio. 60% of it is arranged creatively through partitions so that nature is never lost sight of. With the remaining 180 square meters, the architects divided […]

Outstanding Coastal Stone House in Vietnam by MM++ Architects

Modern House in Vietnam on a lot over 500 m2 in the coastal city of Nha Trang; designed by MM ++ Architects. With a unique view to the sea and the bay as well as the rocky mountain range; the villa brings a difference in the overall of the concentrated living characteristics of Vietnamese people. […]

Splendid Oceaniques Villas In Binh Thuan, Vietnam by MM++ Architects

Designed by MM++ Architects and completed in 2014, the Oceaniques Villas is a project in Binh Thuan, Vietnam. The villa including 4 bedrooms with living spaces of 330 square meter located on extraordinary sea view place. Photo : Hiroyuki OKI

Tropical Modern Villa in Ho Chi Minh city by Vaco Design

Inspired by Villa Savoye and the openness of vernacular architecture, the house is a steel box sitting resting above columns, freeing up the ground floor space.