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Oceanian Homes category presents the collection of the most beautiful and luxurious homes in Australia and New Zealand which are designed by renowned Architects and developed by famed developers.

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Jagged Edge Villa in New Zealand by Warrick Weber Architecture

The Jagged Edge Villa in New Zealand including 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with 575 square meter of living spaces was built in 2011 with extraordinary design of Warrick Weber Architecture. This masterpiece is a glass pavilion bestowed with a stunning mountain backdrop and massive 270-degree panoramic views from its promontory position hanging off a […]

City Beach House In Perth, Australia by Cambuild & Banham Architects

City Beach house in Australia is a luxurious modern home located in Perth designed by Cambuild & Banham Architects. The residence offers exquisite entertainment, relaxation and socialization opportunities for the residents and their guests, all thanks to its spacious living areas, numerous high-end amenities and outstanding location. Photo: Cambuild & Banham Architects

Wandana Home in Victoria, Australia by James Deans & Associates

Wandana Residence is a stunning family house designed by James Deans & Associates. It is located in Wandana Heights, in Victoria, Australia