Perugia Way Architectural Masterpiece in Prime Lower Bel Air, California

Set on lot of over 42,000 square feet on calm parkway of Perugia, the significant home with 15,000 living spaces designed by Quinn Architects is absolutely heritage in Los Angeles. Concept design is to make opulent, confidential outside space while pioneering the selective perspectives of the location. The base level is tended to a substantial stretch open and straightforward connecting perspectives between the front and back patios. To keep existing surrounding neighbourhood character while authenticating its European impression, this masterpiece has been wearing a splendid yet prepotent palette of materials; The ground level is encased in alunium and glass and the upper level is utilized with Romano travertine and stucco. This masterpiece including 5 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms with ton of luxurious amenities. New Dream of Los Angeles!

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Source: The Agency

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