Atelier RZLBD

Twosome House, an Elegant Etobicoke Home in Canada by Atelier RZLBD

Twosome House designed by Atelier RZLBD is a stunning project, located in Toronto, Canada for 5-member family. This organization of “public/ private” & “servant/ served” spaces establishes a clear sense of order throughout the home. The first of the project’s dividing lines runs North to South. Also, upon approach, the structure presents as two distinct […]

Stack House, a playful expression of horizontal volumes by Atelier RZLBD

Stack House designed by Atelier RZLBD is a brand-new project in Canada. Located in the Forest Hill neighborhood in Toronto, the stacked profile of the house is well scaled to the surrounding. Its face with a pitched roof blending and provoking at the same time. Simultaneously, the monotonous, dark presence evokes a sense of monumentality, […]