Rakta Studio

SS House with Semi resort Concept for Weekend Retreat by Rakta Studio

SS House designed by Rakta Studio is a stunning home with the concept of retreat and becomes an ideal place to relax at the weekend. This house created with multiple different human scales for a dynamic space. The living room composed of a timber ceiling and a lower ceiling height than the dining room area. […]

DJ House with Tropical Style, Modern Architecture Design by Rakta Studio

DJ House designed by Rakta Studio, located in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia. The house is merge of two block, create an inner courtyard with a swimming pool that separate the private and public area. The house consists of 2 storey. As the 1st level is for public function such as living, dining, kitchen and guest […]

DS House, impressive bold and masculine vibes design by Rakta Studio

DS House designed by Rakta Studio is a prominent project with the bold and masculine vibes apperance. From the exterior, the house seems combine from the stacking concrete boxes with the greyish color of blocks. The outdoor foyer of this house near the entrance door also provides a semi floating timber deck, continuously through inside […]