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O-asis House with Desert Serenity by The Ranch Mine

O-asis House, designed by The Ranch Mine, is a solar-powered haven that beautifully merges modern living with the timeless allure of music, sunlight, and desert flora and fauna. Nestled low in the desert landscape at a height of just 12.5 feet, the home is encircled by a rusted steel rattlesnake fence and finished in pristine […]

Red Rocks House, Stunning Transformation by The Ranch Mine

Red Rocks House designed by The Ranch Mine, clinging to the side of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, a Spanish Colonial Revival style house has been transformed into a dwelling that creates and elevates a variety of experiences with both the natural and man-made environment. When the homeowners approached Claire and Cavin Costello of The […]

Waterside in Cape Town for Seamless Coastal Living by ARRCC

Waterside is a nine-story beachside apartment building in Clifton, Cape Town, designed by SAOTA in 2009. The interior design studio ARRCC, in collaboration with Karen Stanek from KS Designs, undertook the task of merging three apartments over two levels. Their primary objective was to redevelop and unify the floorplan, with a particular emphasis on enhancing […]

K House, Modern Tropical Design by Atelier Design N Domain

K House by Atelier Design N Domain that has masterfully transformed an existing family home in a tropical village on the outskirts of Bombay, India, into a contemporary masterpiece. Originally a traditional farmhouse built in the early 90s, the house was redesigned to embrace the tropical context and enhance connectivity with its natural surroundings. The […]

F3 Residence in Brazil by Belluzzo Martinhão Arquitetos

F3 Residence by Belluzzo Martinhão Arquitetos is a stunning example of contemporary design harmoniously integrated with its natural surroundings. Situated on a rectangular plot with a steep slope, the residence strategically sets back the main volume of the house to the central portion of the plot, creating an expansive front garden that gently navigates the […]

EcoBreeze House, modern living blend nature by A+Architects

EcoBreeze House stands as a unique project in the bustling heart of Ho Chi Minh City, where spacious designs are rare. A+ Architects seized this opportunity to create a home deeply intertwined with Vietnam’s natural climate and environment, allowing the house to “breathe” and offer an intimate living space connected to nature. Departing from conventional […]

South Villa, blend of global design & craftsmanship by ARRCC

South Villa is a five-story penthouse located within the award-winning Clifton Terraces apartments on Victoria Road, Cape Town. Perched on the iconic Lion’s Head, it offers extravagant ocean views and vistas of local landmarks such as Table Mountain and Clifton’s pristine beaches. The building’s design mirrors the natural contours of its site, ensuring that the […]

Medburn Villa’s, A Masterpiece by Jenny Mills Architects

Medburn Villa’s is an exceptional property designed by Jenny Mills Architects, situated on the prestigious Medburn Road in Camps Bay. This exciting development consists of a subdivided erf with two double dwellings, offering a total of four luxurious units. Medburn Road, renowned as the best address in Camps Bay, is ideally located close to the […]

House BMY, A Modern Sanctuary by Gottsmann Architects

House BMY is a single-storey concrete home designed to blend seamlessly with its surroundings rather than dominate them. Gottsmann Architects have crafted this residence to embody a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating an ideal sanctuary for a modern family. The centerpiece of the home is a long, tall passage referred to as […]

Freebird Residence in Tropical Modernism by Alexis Dornier

Freebird Residence a private residence in Berawa, Bali, that seamlessly merges contemporary Japanese design with tropical modernism. This innovative home is a testament to architect Alexis Dornier’s dedication to integrating built environments with the natural world. At the heart of ‘The Free Bird Project’ is a living room situated above the swimming pool, bridging two […]

River Hills Residence in Texas by Miró Rivera Architects

River Hills Residence embodies the laid-back ethos of Austin. This lakeside retreat overlooks a sweeping lawn shaded by towering native pecan and bald cypress trees. A path from the house leads to a swimming pool, guest cabin, and boat dock. The main house consists of two wings flanking a central courtyard, connected by a glass […]

Sarbonne I House, an Urban Oasis in CA by McClean Design

Sarbonne I House designed by McClean Design, inspired by Southern California’s temperate climate and spectacular city views. This 14,000-square-foot residence is designed as an entertainer’s urban haven. The narrow lot inspired a grand hallway that serves as a spine for the main rooms, featuring high ceilings, abundant natural light, and oversized windows and doors that […]

Sunridge House among Rugged Nature by McClean Design

Sunridge House by McClean Design, nestled in the resort town of Whistler, British Columbia, seventy-eight miles north of Vancouver, stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity in the face of severe winter weather. The 6,187-square-foot lot presents a steep, rocky terrain, making this McClean Design’s first encounter with such challenging conditions. “The house appears to […]

House No. 47, A Modern Tropical Haven by DRTAN LM Architect

House No. 47 is nestled in a well-established, leafy suburb of Kuala Lumpur. The design brief called for a contemporary tropical residence that would cater to a two-generation family, emphasizing togetherness, privacy, security, and low maintenance. The architects devised a “C” shaped floor plan that features a covered yet well-ventilated central courtyard. This courtyard, enclosed […]

Palm House with Dynamic Design by Metropole Architects

Palm House designed by Metropole Architects with design is centered on three rectangular forms arranged to evoke a sense of opposing movement. The first rectangle is grounded and aligned along an east-west axis. The second and third rectangles are elevated and positioned side by side along a North-South axis—one oriented towards the ocean and the […]

West Bay House, Stunning Mansion by McClean Design

West Bay House, designed by McClean Design, is located on the Balboa Peninsula, which runs parallel to the Pacific coast just south of Newport Beach. This area is known for its picturesque views and vibrant boating scene, making it an ideal location for waterfront homes. However, most houses in this area are generic structures squeezed […]

Buckskin Drive, Modern Home by Whipple Russell Architects

Buckskin Drive residence, designed by Whipple Russell Architects, after a long career in building, the original homeowners of the yearned to apply their hands-on skills to a home of their own. Their search for an ocean vista led them to Orange County, where they discovered a sloping property high on a hill with a breathtaking […]

Georgina Avenue in CA by Whipple Russell Architects

The design retained the original concept of a central volume with stairways and a layout allowing a view from the front door through to the outdoors. Marc Whipple suggested deconstructing the old house for material recycling rather than demolishing it, followed by extensive excavation due to the large below-grade area of the home. Entering through […]

Casa O Cantagua, a marvel by Román y Basualto Arquitectos

Casa O Cantagua is an architectural masterpiece that seamlessly integrates into its coastal surroundings, offering a unique living experience where natural beauty meets sculptural and functional design. A suspended bridge on a concrete wall leads to the entrance, immediately captivating visitors with its innovative design centered around a transparent central void. This space not only […]

Cordell Drive, Modern House by Whipple Russell Architects

Cordell Drive designed by Whipple Russell Architects is a stunning house with sophisticated design. nestled in the Hollywood Hills, California, boasts a glamorous past, having been previously owned by actor Richard Gere. Architect Marc Whipple, AIA, created a unique space with clean lines and abundant use of glass to maximize natural light and views. The […]

Hutton Drive 2641 House by Whipple Russell Architects

Hutton Drive 2641 House designed by by Whipple Russell Architects is a modern masterpiece in Beverly Hills, CA. Front Entry: A Harmonious Blend of Textures The front façade of the Hutton House combines strong horizontal lines with vertical wooden cladding and ribbon windows to create a balanced and textured look. Ribbon windows topped with open […]

V18 House, Tradition & Modernity Novation by S+S Architects

V18 House project consists of two parts: the renovation of a two-story, 50-year-old house for the residence of your parents, and the construction of a new three-story house for your newlywed daughter and her family. This house is situated near Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, which has been newly developed but is relatively polluted with noise and […]

111 House, A Multipurpose Pavilion by S+S Architects

111 House project began with the homeowner’s vision of creating a versatile space that could serve multiple functions in a single location. This new space would be perfect for lounging, dining, engaging in various recreational activities with family members, and hosting small gatherings for friends. The old house lacked a dedicated area to accommodate all […]

9288 Sierra Mar House designed by Whipple Russell Architects

9288 Sierra Mar House designed by Whipple Russell Architects is a vibrant celebration of texture and color. The exterior design immediately captivates with its modern eclectic palette that harmoniously blends Asian and Italian influences. The entryway, constructed with stacked slate, offers a tactile roughness and depth that is strikingly juxtaposed against the smooth, sleek surface […]

Reis House, home-office combines residence by Patio Livity

Reis House designed by Patio Livity, exemplifies the modern trend, offers a home that seamlessly integrates a work environment while maintaining distinct boundaries between work and living spaces. ConceptReis House, designed for an owner with an online business background, combines a home office with a family residence. The owner envisioned an eclectic tropical concept from […]

9342 Sierra Mar House designed by Whipple Russell Architects

9342 Sierra Mar House designed by Whipple Russell Architects, to maximize its stunning panoramic views while offering the unique feel of a multi-level residence wrapped around a central courtyard. This courtyard is beautifully adorned with walkways and serene water features, providing a tranquil escape within the home itself. Upon approaching the residence, one is greeted […]

Legend Mansion Villa in Vietnam by Flamingo Architecture

Legend Mansion Villa is a luxurious residence featuring three aboveground floors and one semi-underground floor, with a total building height from the foundation to the rooftop of approximately 16 meters. The villa includes several main functional areas such as a common living room, bar, entertainment area, cinema room, main lobby, living room, kitchen, and bedrooms […]

Coral House, Stunning Estate by Whipple Russell Architects and LTA+D

Coral House is a stunning project resulting from the collaboration between Whipple Russell Architects and Livia Tomiselli of LTA+D, who handled the interior, landscape, and lighting designs. Tomiselli and her team sourced a palette of materials from Italy, including stone, steel, wood, mosaics, and porcelain tiles, and custom-designed cabinets, doors, handles, rugs, and handrails. With […]

Jardin House, Design intertwined with Nature by Patio Livity

Jardin House designed by Patio Livity, located in the heart of Bandung, embodies a modern concept seamlessly integrated with nature. This visionary project features unique architectural elements that enhance privacy while maintaining connectivity between functional spaces, ensuring comfort. A standout feature of Jardin House is its innovative split-level architecture, which not only improves spatial dynamics […]

Serenity House in California by Whipple Russell Architects

Serenity House designed by Whipple Russell Architects is a stunning masterpiece in CA, US. The desert embodies open space and expansive views, as well as the close-up, intricate beauty of the cactus flower. It represents nature’s serene minimalism. This is the backdrop for our project located within the gated community of The Vintage in Indian […]

Montrose House, Modernist Pavilion in Bishopscourt by SAOTA

Montrose House designed by SAOTA, perched high on the ridge of Bishopscourt in Cape Town situated on a unique site created by demolishing an existing structure. The property is divided by a steeply ascending driveway from the end of a cul-de-sac. The new building, designed as a pavilion, commands a prominent position overlooking lawns and […]

House Boz in South Africa by Nico van der Meulen Architects

House Boz, the recipient of the Lafarge Award for Best Architectural Use of Decorative Concrete in South Africa 2013, as well as the Overall Award for Best Concrete Work in 2013, stands as a testament to innovative design and harmonious integration with nature. The client’s vision for a luxurious, spacious four-bedroom residence constructed with steel, […]

PASHA house, beachfront retreat in Puntarenas by Studio Saxe

OVERVIEWSituated along the stunning coastline of Costa Rica, this project is envisioned as a beachfront haven that combines modern living comforts with the pristine beauty of its coastal setting. Commissioned by our international clients, we transformed an untouched estate into a series of residences designed for communal living and private retreats, culminating in Pasha – […]

Folded Wall House, Masterpiece of Design by DADA Partners

Folded Wall House, designed by DADA Partners, is a testament to innovative architectural design and sophisticated spatial planning. This contemporary residence is centered around a beautifully designed courtyard, which acts as the focal point and heart of the home. The layout of the house is thoughtfully crafted with layered spaces that seamlessly blend the indoor […]

Water’s Edge with Stone Covers Exterior & Interior by SAOTA

SAOTA & TKD presents Water’s Edge, a residential project in a unique position. It overlooks the Sydney harbour, which guided every design choice, from the orientation and organisation of living spaces and outlooks to the material palette and landscaping. The brief to create a distinctive multilevel family home required joining together three erven. This gave […]

House Brise by Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning

House Brise by Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning, located in Praia do Forte, on the North coast of Bahia, the residence has 580m² distributed over two floors and a basement. The project, started in 2021 and completed the following year, posed a challenge for the team at Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning office, […]

Pool House, Modern Architectural Marvel by DADA Partners

Pool House, an architectural masterpiece designed by DADA Partners in India, embodies a perfect blend of modern design and functional elegance. The residence is spatially layered, creating a series of interconnected spaces that flow seamlessly from one to the next. This configuration is centered around a linear courtyard, which serves as the heart of the […]

3-Juxta House, Juxtaposition harmony by Kee Yen Architects

3-Juxta House desiged by Kee Yen Architects, the three distinct masses within this architectural composition transcend mere juxtaposition, as they seamlessly intertwine both in form and function to create a harmonious living environment. Each volume is thoughtfully interconnected to fulfill the diverse needs of the household, fostering a sense of unity and cohesion within the […]

Neighbourhood Residence by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Neighborhood residence is nestled within a picturesque parkland estate, taking full advantage of the mature trees and expansive park areas that define the setting. Situated against the charming backdrop of the suburb’s Huddle Park Golf Course, this property offers residents the luxury of a double stand and the pleasure of meandering through leafy green walkways. […]

Planar House, Layered Monolithic Volumes by DADA Partners

Planar House is an exploration of assembling a series of detached monolithic planar volumes along the main body of the home. This layered arrangement and the resulting gaps create unexpected chasm-like spatial experiences. The rugged, cast-in-situ concrete planar wall, along with stucco walls on the upper levels, emerge from the F-shaped house plan and serve […]