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N290 NIU House with Unique Design in Spain by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

N290 NIU House designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos is the most the most unique and impressive design of the NIU homes with the rooms organized and distributed around a central courtyard and have panoramas in all four directions. Indeed, in NIU’s systematized architecture, each N290 is the same and at the same time different from […]

Cata vento House, for Tranquility and Nature Connection by Equipe Lamas

Cata vento House designed by Equipe Lamas is an elegant home for a couple who seek the privacy, tranquility, yet still connection with the nature. This house built with low-cost materials and construction solutions. Also, with mixed structures, the metal beams support concrete pillars. The external masonry walls painted in light earth color and dialogue […]

Sarang Nest House in Indonesia by Realrich Architecture Workshop

Sarang Nest House designed by Realrich Architecture Workshop is an impressive and prominennt project. The storeys stacked in angles with protruded spaces enclosed by perforated wall to buffer the heat, either with traditional red bricks or metal screen that gives industrial look in contrast. This house has four storeys. 250sqm of the ground floor is […]

JPP House, Reconciles Architecture and Nature by Zanesco Arquitetura

JPP House designed by Zanesco Arquitetura is an impressive home which blend in with nature surrounding. Indeed, the project is the result of a careful look at the uses of greater permanence for the residents, prioritizing the best sunlight and local visuals, and valuing the elements available in the surroundings. On the other hand, developed […]

Jib House Mixes Contemporary and Vernacular Design by Omar Gandhi

Jib House designed by Omar Gandhi Architect, is an expansive Nova Scotia home clad in two different types of cedar. Jib House’s name derived from the coastal site’s triangular shape, which resembles that of a jib, a slender triangular fore-sail used on a traditional sailing boat. Indeed, the clients wanted a home that took advantage […]

Ecological House, Impressive Project by Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects

Ecological House designed by Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects, located in the Northern part of Israel in a large lot site. The owner wanted to create a relaxing, embracing environment. While provide a view to the surrounding green, pastoral landscapes, manages to maintain a sense of privacy. Indeed, the designer adapts perfectly their requirement, for […]

The Artistic House, an Elegant Home by Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects

The Artistic House designed by Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects, built right next to the old family home on the same estate, as a frequent hosting space for family members – their children and grandchildren. The couple’s plans for the public space and the surrounding area are another testimony for their desire to create a […]

Villa UONUMA embodies intimacy and openness by Tsutsumi & Associates

Villa UONUMA designed by Tsutsumi & Associates is a prominent project which adapt the climate and enviroment surrounding. Indeed, one of the requests from the client was a multi – layered and complicated house. Also, it is an anti – indigenous request compare to the local gable roof. Reinterpreting the meaning of the frequent use […]

Laid House, an Ultra-modern Home by Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects

Laid House designed by Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects, thanks to the creative use of the topography and the characteristics of the surroundings, the architects have created an extraordinary living environment for the family members which pulls at the strings of the soul and the heart. Indeed, the plot was cleared for construction in recent […]

Rove House, Stunning Renovation Project in Arizona by The Ranch Mine

Rove House designed by The Ranch Mine, turns a “Dark and cramped with low ceilings” home into a stunning house with outdoor living connection. The architects focused the redesign to provide a new, indoor/ outdoor living area with ample natural light. Also, adding spaces that were lacking to accommodate their growing family, and reconfiguring the […]

Treehouse Studio Treads Lightly on Lush Landscape of Bali by Stilt Studios

Treehouse Studio designed by Stilt Studios as a refuge amidst Bali’s lush surroundings, an ideal place to pause, retreat and relax. Indeed, in keeping with Stilt Studios’ ethos ‘treading lightly on earth’, the architects used prefabricated building elements. Also, relying on a conscious choice of materials from responsible sources, and using as much wood as […]

A3L House with Outside Living Connection Design by Obra Arquitetos

A3L House designed by Obra Arquitetos is an elegant project, loacted in São José dos Campos, Brazil. Indeed, seen from the street, the proposed vegetation in the front setback covers most of the house, guaranteeing privacy and comfort to the West facing uses. Also, as entering the terrain, the house reveals itself in a “U” […]

House on a House, a Stunning Roof Extension by Bloot Architecture

House on a House designed by Bloot Architecture to extend the roof on top of the existing apartment. The urban fabric of the Bomenbuurt consists of 3-layer building blocks that built close to each other so that adding an extra layer on top of the existing buildings has a lot of impact on the rest […]

Little Manly House with Contemporary Architecture Design by CHROFI

Little Manly House designed by CHROFI, set on the edge of Little Manly Cove, the proposal replaces an ‘inter war period’ two storey conventional brick duplex with a modern duplex. Also, responds more directly to both its impressive harbour-side location and the demands of contemporary living. Being at the base of the Eastern Hill, this […]

Twosome House, an Elegant Etobicoke Home in Canada by Atelier RZLBD

Twosome House designed by Atelier RZLBD is a stunning project, located in Toronto, Canada for 5-member family. This organization of “public/ private” & “servant/ served” spaces establishes a clear sense of order throughout the home. The first of the project’s dividing lines runs North to South. Also, upon approach, the structure presents as two distinct […]

Villa 13 House, a Unique Volume by Parthenios Architects + Associates

Villa 13 House designed by Parthenios Architects + Associates is a prominent project with a unique composition of volumes and conceptualized as three folded walls. Folding #1 encloses the living room and the double – height dinning space, which meet at a sharp corner. And, folding #2 encloses the master bedroom and offers a shelter […]

Hillside House, Stunning House with Breathtaking views by Cote Architects

Hillside House designed by Cote Architects is an impressive project, which set on the on the site’s highest point, offers a breathtaking views of the surrounding hillsides. From the exterior, the house covered with the green trees, makes itself blend in with the nature. The facade with green vines along the roof, corridor, and balcony […]

House at Shelford Road, a Prominent Home in Singapore by Designshop

House at Shelford Road designed by Designshop is an impressive project in intersections. This house consists of two dichotomous volumes that respond geometrically to their respective adjacent contexts. A dark grey volume that directly connects with the neighboring house was a derivative of maximizing the permissible building envelope control guidelines. They juxtaposed with a contrasting […]

House AS, an Elegant House With Outdoor Living Connection by Ábaton

House AS designed by Ábaton is an impressive, let the owner enjoy the life with the strong indoor outdoor connection and beautiful courtyard and landscape. The ground floor, with its garden facing North and closest to the access to the plot, has its own entrance and houses the guest area, gym, and other secondary uses, […]

Goldwasser House with Clean Geometry by Architextit-Einat Erez-Kobiler

Goldwasser House designed by Architextit-Einat Erez-Kobiler is a stunning 2-story home which is impressive with the white facade. Located in Meitar, Israel, the challenge was to deal with the hot climate while still allow the owner to enjoy the nature outside. Indeed, by the talent and many years of experience, the architect offers an elegant […]

Ishtika Aalaya Residence, Chic Brick House by Studio Built Environment

Ishtika Aalaya Residence designed by Studio Built Environment is an impressive project which explores the possibility of combine the modern identity of a house with a traditional sense of a home. This house organized into three levels. The ground floor houses a single lady and her 10 years old daughter. Besides, the first floor planned […]

Glyfada Residence, versatile home with stunning outside views by SAOTA

Glyfada Residence, versatile home with stunning outside views by SAOTA to adapt the client for a versatile apartment that could easily accommodate large social events. Also, provides a sense of intimacy when there were no guests. He also required a gallery-like space that could accommodate and display artworks. In addition to this, the front of […]

House In Blair Atholl, Modern Home by Nico van der Meulen Architects

House In Blair Atholl designed by Johanessburg based Nico Van Der Meulen Architects that blend a clean contemporary aesthetic with a more textured traditional style in their design for this house to create an exquisite private residence in Johannesburg, South Africa. The home designed in 2015 and offers a countryside feel but with clean lines, […]

The Edge House with incredible outdoor living space by Vallely Architecture

The Edge House designed by Vallely Architecture Vallely Architecture, together with interior design firm Livingstone Fraser Design, and Meister Construction. This is a modern home that’s located on the south facing slopes of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains. Indeed, the design of the house pays tribute to modern architecture. While incorporate distinctly regional elements of exposed […]

Mooikloof Heights House in South Africa by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Mooikloof Heights House is an impressive luxurious project which located in Gauteng, South Africa. The home designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects with interiors by their interior design company, M Square Lifestyle Design and furniture and accessories supplied by M Square Lifestyle Necessities. The house designed with open plan and offers spectacular views to […]

Lines Alive Residence, a Holiday Home in Israel by Jacobs Yaniv Architects

Lines Alive Residence designed by Jacobs Yaniv Architects with the holiday-style home, for a 5-member family. For this house, a design language developed based on these limitations. The linear beam surrounding the façade beholds custom – made light fittings, custom – made shutters, custom – made sun shades, a steel plaque with the address cut […]

Mural House with Contemporary Aesthetic Style by Birdseye Design

Mural House with contemporary aesthetic style by Birdseye Design is a prominent project which located on a corner lot with a sloping landscape backed pine trees to the East and distant lake and mountain views to the West. For this house, the clients desired a contemporary aesthetic follow the ideology of Ezra Pound’s simple but […]

3-Edge Residence, a Bold, yet Subtle Single-story Home by FAR + DANG

3-Edge Residence designed by FAR + DANG, is a bold, yet subtle, low-lying single-story residence which respects the scale of the immediate context. Also, the sloped roof corresponds to the existing roof lines of the neighbors. The architectural strategy involved creating an L-shaped house with two wings, one for the living space and one for […]

West residence with classical architectural & modern design by Miró Rivera

West Residence designed by Miró Rivera Architects is an impressive luxurious project which balances classical architectural influences with playfully daring contemporary features that reflect the owner’s affinity for outdoor living. Indeed, the home’s architecture encourages a style of indoor – outdoor living that is uncommon in Houston, which is known for its hot, humid climate. […]

NKU Residence with Folding Aluminium Screens by Nico van der Meulen

NKU Residence designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects is a new modern home that includes extensive folding aluminum screens on its exterior. Indeed, this house creates a chic spaces and adapt the owner’s requirement for something unique and tailored to their needs and future living requirements, with the idea that this home becomes a […]

Casa do Cabo, Environmentally Friendly House by Kerimov Architects

Casa do Cabo designed by Kerimov Architects, is a zero – carbon dream home on a hill in Portugal. This 1250 sq. m house is designed with an awesome architecture that is characterized by squatness and the predominance of horizontal lines. Also, wide overhangs shade beautiful and private interiors, extend toward the horizon. For this […]

Tejona House with Nature Connection by Martín Dulanto Arquitecto

Tejona House designed by Martín Dulanto Arquitecto aimed to premise of minimizing its impact on the environment. Also, with the open design, it creates the seamless flow of indoor outdoor connection. Hence, all spaces of this home link with the surrounding nature and get the stunning views of the nature. Indeed, the project itself is […]

The Athletes House, a Stunning Extension Project by AR Design Studio

The Athletes House designed by award-winning, Winchester-based AR Design Studio is a stunning extension project. This house adapt the owner’s demand to extend the living space on the ground floor to open the house up to the garden and achieve an extra bedroom on the first floor. They are also both extremely active and regularly […]

MH Residence with Modern Tropical Style in Indonesia by Studio Avana

MH Residence designed by Studio Avana with the concept is a resort house, a house where the owner can feel the atmosphere of a resort everyday. This house carries a modern tropical style. Indeed, clean and simple are the two words that make up the design of this house. In addition to this, facade design […]

Three Elements House, A Compact Middle-rise Villa by Kerimov Architects

Three Elements House designed by Kerimov Architects is an impressive project which sits on the banks of the river, on a small site surrounded by trees that need to be preserved. The main goal is to design a compact middle-rise building within a given area that is so-scaled to the environment, not bulky, and also […]

House in the Riverside, Nice Renovation by MACHINA Architetti Associati

House in the Riverside designed by MACHINA Architetti Associati, located in a lot overlooking the Sile river, in the peri-urban area of the historic center of Treviso. On an architectural representative level, the designer identifies three main themes. Shape expressed through a free and explicit volume that leads and guides the user to the knowledge […]

McAnally Residence with Stylish Design by MADDOCK

McAnally Residence designed by MADDOCK is a stunning project which offers spectacular overlooking the ocean, thank to the prime location at Sunshine Beach, on the East coast of Australia, approximately 120km North of Brisbane. Indeed, the home occupies three plentiful levels and is expressed through its materiality and bold forms. On all planes, platforms of […]

Eden House, sustainable luxury design in UK by WindsorPatania Architects

Eden House designed by an award – winning UK-based architectural bureau WindsorPatania Architects. This house is an ambitious and innovative project that is about to set a new standard for sustainable luxury country houses in the UK. Indeed, the technologies and knowledge acquired during the process will be shared with the local and national communities, […]

Verdure House, a Harmony of Multi-style in Indonesia by Studio Avana

Verdure House designed by Studio Avana, located on the side of a shady street in Bandung, Indonesia. This house is an impressive project which appears harmonious through the installation of several elements such as natural stone, concrete, and wood, which adopts a multitude of styles such as industrial, traditional Japanese architecture, and modern tropical. These […]

Victoria Residence in South Africa by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Victoria Residence designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects, stretches the width of the constrained site to maximize on becoming a receptacle for the views and expanse of nature to the North. The house conceived and developed as a monolithic stone remnant, which sliced and excavated to reveal a softer and comforting interior. Also, the […]