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B33 House in Colombia by Alejandro Restrepo Montoya + Estudio Central

B33 House, skillfully designed by Alejandro Restrepo Montoya + Estudio Central, stands as a captivating interplay of solid and open elements gracefully arranged on the ground, support the upper horizontal structures. This distinct language of contrast manifests in the harmony between the filled and empty spaces, the natural and the altered. As well as the […]

Balcony House to Enjoy Incredible Views of Nature by Bassico Arquitectos

Balcony House designed by Bassico Arquitectos is an impressive project with the spectacular views to the nature. Indeed, this gorgeous fully furnished tiny home equipped with well built structure. Also, every corner of this home brings the outside views thank to glass door use of almost rooms. Although take advantage of the location to get […]

House in Cartagena with Dynamic Shape Design by PlanB Arquitectos

House in Cartagena designed by PlanB Arquitectos is a stunning luxurious home with the dynamic exterior based on the lot land shape. This is a house spreads in the East-West direction on a single level. Also, it is a volume adapted to the sinuous configuration of the existing lake on the South side and the […]