PK House, A Contemporary Retreat by 8×8 Design Studio Co.

PK House, nestled atop a hill in Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines, stands as a serene weekend retreat, harmoniously blending modern design with the essence of the traditional ‘Bahay Kubo.’ Situated three hours from Metro Manila, the 3-hectare property offers panoramic views of Balayan Bay to the East, South, and a scenic mountain range to the West. […]

House of Screens, Elegant tropical Home by PXP Design Workshop Co

House of Screens designed by PXP Design Workshop Co, sits on a rectangular lot, slightly sloping and bounded by neighbors on its 3 sides. Indeed, this house adapt perfectly the lifestyle that the owner want to achieve. It is a tropically responsive, relaxing vibe, and bigger spaces. The site’s frontage opens to the West where […]

CG Villa (Calatagan Gym)Villa in Philippines by 8×8 Design Studio Co.

CG Villa designed by 8×8 Design Studio Co. to be an addendum structure to the Client’s existing home which is a ideal place for them to gather and enjoy their daily activity. The spatial program of the villa was done as linear series of spaces. Starting with the Lounge, Gym Space, Minibar, and Wet Facilities […]