Rowland+Broughton Architecture

Modern Mountain Retreat in Lodge-style home by Rowland + Broughton

Modern Mountain Retreat designed by Rowland + Broughton Architecture in modern organic, lodge – style home. On a heavily wooded lot on a steep mountain slope and amid a forest of aspen and fir trees, the design team carved the home into the hillside. Then, effectively create a “bench” by building a retaining wall along […]

Impressive Bagua Residence by Rowland+Broughton Architecture

Impressive Bagua Residence designed by Rowland+Broughton Architecture is a special project, embraces concept of Bagua, an element of Feng Shui. Thus, it helps to determine spatial relationships, encourage energy, balance and flow. This 5-bedroom, 8,250 square foot family home located on a single-acre, cliff-side site in Aspen, United States. From here, it offers a stunning […]