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HM House, a Prominent Grey-Structured Three-storey by Axial Studio

HM House designed by Axial Studio is an outstanding project, made of cement roaster with grey facade. Located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia, this grey – colored homey home resembles well – defined modern space to spend the weekend for two. The architect also explains that several advantages and disadvantages are affecting the house with […]

The Alia Residence with Modern Tropical Style in Indonesia by Axial Studio

The Alia Residence designed by Axial Studio is a luxury project which consist of two buildings, the main house and a private clubhouse. Located in Bali, Indonesia, the house offers high end amenities for the owner and comfort spaces for the daily living. Besides, it is a spacious spaces to adapt the family’s members to […]

Grey Palace house, Beautiful brand new home in Indonesia by Axial Studio

Grey Palace designed by Axial Studio located in the suburbs of Yogyakarta, Indonesia is an impressive stunning project. This is 2 storey house, includes public and private areas and surrounded by Paddy fields, then makes itself harmonious with the nature. Indeed, the design of this house focused on elements that create a tropical – earthy […]