Galeria 733

Louzada House, harmony of human, nature & architecture by Galeria 733

Louzada House, situated in Tramandaí, Brazil, designed by Galeria 733 to ensure privacy while maximizing views of the surrounding trees and lagoon. The house features two wings, one for social activities and the other for intimate spaces, connected by a central axis and internal garden. A veranda extends diagonally from the interior, enhance the connection […]

Nesello House, Nice Renovation with Contemporary Design by Galeria 733

Nesello House designed by Galeria 733 architect is a stunning renovation from a traditional house into a modern project which brings the comfort and high end amenities for the owners. Indeed, the biggest technical challenges involved the construction of the new reinforced concrete roofs, to minimize sunlight on the west façade and the new master […]

Impressive Project named Casa Dotta House in Brazil by Galeria 733

Impressive project named Casa Dotta House designed by Galeria 733, located in Xangri-lá, in the Enseada Lagos condominium. Indeed, this house designed to create the social and leisure environments and keeps the intimate ones. For this house, two subtractions were made on the ground floor volume, to delimit the car shelter and the balcony, respectively. […]