Peerutin Architects

Clifton Nettleton Road, Modern home by Peerutin Architects

Clifton Nettleton Road House, designed by Peerutin Architects, is a state-of-the-art modern family home that harmoniously blends functionality and architectural expression with its prestigious location on Nettleton Road. This residence caters to the needs of a growing family and the entertaining lifestyle of its owners. The design incorporates bold and earthy materials, creating an aesthetic […]

Nettleton Sea View Modern Home in South Africa by Peerutin Architects

The Nettleton Sea View Modern home was designed by Peerutin Architects with target to meet the needs of a growing family into the future and to suit the entertaining lifestyle of the owners. The requirements that materials are both bold and earthy, as well a s light and uncluttered. In addition , it needed to […]

Wonderful Iron Man House in South Africa by Peerutin Architects

Six bedrooms house in South Africa designed by Peerutin Architects and inspired by iconic modern homes built in the 1960’s in and around California. Every item in this home has been meticulously crafted or selected from around the world. the mansion is situated on Nettleton Ridge, Clifton, one of the most exclusive residential areas in […]