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Springhills House creates comfortable living spaces by Pranala Associates

Springhills House designed by Pranala Associates is a prominent project that located in Java, Indonesia. The finished building took a shape of an almost symmetrical square block. Therefore, its form also gives a sense of firmness and stiffness compared to its dynamic curved and contoured site its placed. On the other hand, the facade has […]

Hover House with rustic & brutal of concrete Design by Pranala Associates

Hover House designed by Pranala Associates is a unique design which show that concrete which usually seems heavy can be designed in such a way that it looks light. At the entrance of the house, there is a cogon grass garden that compliments the architecture which people can enjoy. Also, Hover House has 3 masses […]

Palm Street House Balances Luxury and the Nature by Pranala Associates

Palm Street House designed by Pranala Associates is a stunning project which is harmonious between the chic and the nature. The special point of this house is the entrance and the house located at the back. Also, the house plan is divided by grid. In order not to seem stiff, there is a game between […]