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DWM House, merges architectural innovation & nature by Rocco Arquitetos

DWM House, meticulously redesigned by the renowned architectural firm Rocco Arquitetos, stands as an epitome of elegant modern living. Situated harmoniously within its natural surroundings, this residence seamlessly merges architectural innovation with the beauty of nature. Upon first sight, the clean lines and minimalist façade of DWM House capture one’s attention. The interplay of light […]

FA House Blend of Functionality and Warmth Design by Rocco Arquitetos

FA House, a visionary creation by Rocco Arquitetos, embodies the essence of hospitality, reflect the client’s desire to create a haven for friends. This guide principle steered the entire design process, result in a harmonious blend of functionality and warmth. The main volume boasts a vast glass panel atop, ushering abundant natural light to suffuse […]