Sorrento Beach House

Sorrento Beach House Blends Aesthetics and Design by Jost Architects

Sorrento Beach House designed by Jost Architects, is a captivating blend of modern aesthetics and functional design. Situated alongside a bustling road, the design prioritized security and noise management, resulting in a harmonious coexistence with the surroundings. Interior designer Simone Haag collaborated on the project, infusing soothing green tones in the second sitting room and […]

Sorrento Beach House with Austere and Robust facade by AM Architecture

Sorrento Beach House is an amazing contemporary project of AM Architects, began its life as a conceptual reflection of its location, its historic and natural surroundings. The home located near the first settlement site of Victoria, Australia, the Sullivan’s Bay. Hence, this home offers a stunning views of the beach. This house present its austere […]