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Living Room Ideas Curtains With Different Syle

Living room ideas curtains have gotten a lot of attention over the years because they are the finishing touch for the entire house. Curtains are not only useful in terms of functionality, but they also serve as a focal point in a simple space. Take a look at 30 of the most recent updated photos depicting the curtain trend for 2022.

1. The Same Shade

The lovely red curtain stands out in the airy space of the white living room. The owner used only one material and the same color for the main curtains and the windows to adhere to the simple design style. In addition, the curtain’s shape is adjusted to match the shape of the window frame. Exceptional Mistral Villa in Singapore by Mercurio Design Lab

2. Autumn Space


Thanks to the traditional flowerpot and warm lighting, an autumn space is both gentle and intimate. Furthermore, despite its simplicity, beige brown rough fabric is ideal for this space. B House with tropical mixed with rustic Balinese design by Gohte Architects

3. Youthful Nuances

For a vibrant and practical environment, use coarse fabric with a reasonable length. All of the furniture is in neutral colors that are not too bright, and the color of the curtains is chosen with a rather deep tone. C$3,600,000 Stunning Villa in Pitt Meadows Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

4. Green Mint


Window curtains made of thin silk can be used in areas where the sun is not too bright. Green Mint is a unique and luxurious color that comes in a variety of shades of green. One of the ways to decorate this space style is to reveal the wooden track. Georgia Private and Beautiful Estate Listed for $5,250,000

5. Gentle Shades

This is a simple design style with few colors and a cream color tone as the main color tone. Use an anchor color for some furniture, such as a sofa set or curtains, to draw attention to them. Connecticut Spectacular Pool House with Panoramic Vista of the Lake on Market for $17,000,000

6. Space In Antiquity


These are drapes, essentially. Due to the fact that they are made of a fairly heavy fabric. They will also appear more formal and luxurious than curtains. It will look great in aristocratic and glamorous layout. This $4,000,000 Custom Designed Tuscan Estate in North Carolina Offers Impeccable Landscaping and Incredible Architecture and Design

7. Pretty White Curtain

This living room is styled like a studio, with stylized white curtains and beautiful collections in front of it. Install some recessed lights above the area to draw attention to it. Beside, people also benefit from the ease of motorized blinds. This $6,999,000 Resort Style Home is the Ultimate Entertaining Venue in Georgia

8. Two-Layer Curtain


Ideas for a living room curtains with two layers: a thin chiffon layer and a thick layer of fabric. This well-decorated living room gets plenty of light thanks to simple rope curtain tiebacks. Dream Mansion in West Vancouver Overlooking the Emerald Green Ocean Seeks C$12,580,000

9. Refined Neutral

Two Layers of thin silk fabric in various cold, dark, and light tones provide a cool, soothing feel. Additionally, choose a thin silk fabric to add lightness and softness to the minimalist and streamlined living room. Prestigious North Bay Road Modern Waterfront Home in Miami Beach hits Market for $42,000,000

10. Pelmets And Valances


The sophisticated decorative sculptures and intricate patterns are concentrated around the room’s perimeter. Pelmets and valances complete the look of the double-height living room, giving it a high-end feel. Magnificent Home in the Heart of Virginia Hits Market for $10,500,000

11. Puddle Curtain

Because the windows and doors were on the same wall, the designer created multi-layer curtains that were the same material and color and were of a reasonable length. It is much easier to use curtains of this height when you use automatic control. Unrivaled Opulence Awaits You in this $7,800,000 European Masterpiece in New Jersey

12. Hiding Track


To hide curtain tracks, use a ceiling variation. This is one of the living room ideas curtains to make a low-rise living room look taller. The Cielo Estate is the Epitome of World Class Beverly Hills Luxury Living for Rent $250,000 a Month

13. Floor Length Curtain

Consider making this living room open, not only because of the front view, but also to make the most of the space with modern rolling doors. One of the ideas for a living room curtain is to use medium-length curtains that are suitable for spaces that are not too tall. This $45,000,000 Trophy Villa in Newport Coast is The Pinnacle of Coastal Living

14. Goblet Curtains


The navy curtains in this doorless living room emphasize the beauty of simplicity. Old wood is used for the interior of the room, which is painted in bright colors to complement the brick. Georgia Private and Beautiful Estate Listed for $5,250,000

15. Mellow Color

The hard material with soft patterns helps keep the curtain’s shape while still providing a soft touch. To create harmony and synchronization, the curtain color is also quite suitable with the wallpaper. Traditional Federal Style Home in North Carolina Listed for $3,250,000

16. Influenced By The Sea


Can you see how the textures of the curtains, wall art, and pillows are similar? The calming, relaxing colors and textures in this living room evoke a seaside setting in the countryside. Exclusive Scottsdale Houses sells for $4,250,000 capturing views of mountain and city light

17. Geometric Patterns

Cold tones can also be used to create a warm living room environment, as seen in this design. The airy feel of this living room is maintained by crisp cream sheer curtains with dainty blue pom-pom trim. Exquisite Custom Built Home in Tennessee Listed for $3,250,000

18. Gentle Sunshine


Curtain headers differ not only in color and material, but also in style. The designer used pinch pleat curtains with cream silk curtains in this design, which are simple but elegant in a living room with expensive furniture. Georgia Exquisite Estate of Beautiful Details Listed for $4,495,000

19. Floral Garden

Wall paint colors and interior patterns reflect a countryside setting that is close to nature. Large window frames are great for taking in the view, but curtains are required when there is direct sunlight or wind. This $4,250,000 Unique and Iconic Home Features Notable Detailing in Michigan

20. Spring Coming


Another floral curtain pattern, this time in cotton fabric. This pattern will look great in a living room with bright and bold colors. Curtains with a lot of floral motifs, like this, will be difficult to match with a minimalist, streamlined style. This $14,900,000 Classical Villa Contributes to the Timeless Elegance in Connecticut

21. Muse

From a drum ottoman chair to a side table, there are many decorative objects in this living room. They all have a soft, romantic aura about them. Beautifully Maintained Compound Offers Complete Privacy in Connecticut Listed for $3,950,000

22. Folding Curtains


Fold up curtains are the most common type of window treatment. This is the most basic and tidy type of curtain, but it must be tailored with care because the exact size of the window must be measured. This $4,250,000 Unique and Iconic Home Features Notable Detailing in Michigan

23. Window Curtain

What are your thoughts on this option? For the window area, the designer chose a curtain made of waterproof material. This type of window curtain will undoubtedly appeal to middle-aged homeowners or those who prefer the London style.Connecticut Sophisticated English Manor Rich in Top Quality Details Hits Market for $5,295,000

24. Traditional Sytle


With bamboo blinds and classic chandeliers, this is a very traditional style. However, the distinction here is in the color space. Despite being in a traditional style, there are many vibrant colors that detract from the simplicity of the design. Pennsylvania Estate of World-class Architecture and Private Park-like Setting Listed for $23,950,000

25. Single Curtains

Using multiple single curtains in a symmetrical layout for different single door areas is the best option. Rod pocket headers in a rustic style with a gold pattern on a red background to match the interior color. Majestic Waterfront Estate on Serene and Luxurious Setting in Tennessee Hits Market for $3,250,000

26. Private and Discrete


Puddle curtains designed to keep the space from being too wide and high are preferred by some people who prefer a closed and cozy environment. Drapes are a great choice for a living room with luxurious wooden furniture, adding elegance and glamor. This $32,000,000 Classic French Chateau in Calabasas is A World of Luxury and Quality

27. Formal With Wooden Accessory

Using the headboard for curtain track to add emphasis and attraction, as shown in this design, is also a good idea for living room ideas curtains. It creates accents and embellishes the space despite having a very simple design from materials to patterns. A Palatial Jupiter Mansion on Market for $17,495,000 Providing a True Luxury Experience

28. Elegant Pattern


A beautiful yet gentle teal color created by blending gray and blue. Furthermore, the stylization of the curtain border, combined with the soft velvet sofa, creates a very relaxing environment. Villa dei Leoni – The Unmistakable Beauty in Maryland Listed for $12,000,000

29. Delightful Plaid

The light-filled interior is brightened by delightful plaid curtains. These curtains, in a subdued shade of yellow and red, are the ideal complement to the lemon accent wall in this room. Beautiful Landmark in Tennessee Listed for $4,500,000

30. Silver And White


Despite the fact that the house is built in a country style with a small and cozy living room, the chosen colors exude youth and dynamism. Using white as the background color tone, alternating horizontal stripes with shades of silver demonstrates the living room’s color trends. This $5,950,000 Incredible and Breathtaking Treasure Offers Ultimate Lifestyle in Pennsylvania

As you can see, there are many living room ideas curtains that are suitable for a variety of space styles, ranging from simple to luxurious, or choosing flowers to match the country style. Even today, in luxury homes with double-height living rooms, the curtains are equipped with a remote control system to make them easier to operate. Models will be updated and kept up to date on a regular basis.

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