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Description About The Project

Botanica House designed by Guz Architects, boasts an impressive position overlooking the UNESCO world heritage botanic gardens in Singapore. Indeed, considering the prominent site, the architects have sought not to intrude on the landscape, but instead to create an architectural intervention that seems to ‘float’ thanks to a series of cantilevers. the project also focuses on bringing nature into the home, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor space and establishing a relationship with the lush botanic gardens below.

The program of the house split by the architects over two storeys with an additional basement. Upon entering on the first floor, residents welcomed into light filled social spaces. This level contains functions such as kitchen, living and dining areas. Also, characterized by the abundance of openable glazed partitions, which allow the interior to open up into nature and afford cross ventilation.

On the other hand, the second storey designed to be less open than the lower floor due to the private bedroom spaces that it contains. A total of five bedrooms can be found on this level, each with an en-suite bathroom or shower room. However, despite the quieter, more private rooms, picture frame windows and a glazed balcony incorporated to bring natural light into the interiors and offer views out to the surrounding landscape.

In the interiors, smooth timber utilized on the floors, walls and ceilings to create a warm atmosphere inside the home. Indeed, complemented by the elements of water and lush vegetation that are peppered throughout the spaces, the design of the building results in a very inviting space that is connected to nature.

The Architecture Design Project Information:

Seated on top of a hill, the horizontal planes make the Botanica House float from the main road.
Botanica House Over the Lush Nature in Singapore by Guz Architects
A large pool of water and waterfall also occupies the first level, bringing a lush, tropical atmosphere to the Botanica House.
Wide open spaces for easy access towards the lush gardens. Also, the use of natural colors for the house materials used keeps the connection of the house to its surroundings.
Botanica House Over the Lush Nature in Singapore by Guz Architects
The site’s steep slope paved the way to the incorporation of such landscaped pond and waterfall.
Botanica House Over the Lush Nature in Singapore by Guz Architects
Indeed, residents not only enjoy the view from their own backyard but even extends up to the nearby botanic gardens.
Botanica House Over the Lush Nature in Singapore by Guz Architects
Three ways to enjoy the Botanica House – first is to appreciate the view; second is to sit and breathe the plant filtered air; and third is to take a dip at the inviting pool.
Botanica House Over the Lush Nature in Singapore by Guz Architects
Integrating part of the swimming pool into the circulation elements is a unique feature of the Botanica House. A great balance on the use of stainless steel, glass, and wood materials for that desired tropical touch.
The sunken landscaped pond and waterfall welcomes the residents at the basement entrance while still having access to natural light thru its clear glass skylight.
Botanica House Over the Lush Nature in Singapore by Guz Architects

The Botanica House Gallery:

Text by the Architects: The client requested an exciting dynamic house that made the most of the spectacular steeply sloping site which overlooked the world heritage site of the botanic gardens. The clients brief was very much an organic process, in the making, with rooms being added as the design developed. This made it hard to maintain a coherent design. So constant rationalization of the spaces and the overall massing was a continual process.

Photo credit: Patrick Bingham Hall| Source: Guz Architects

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