Far Sight House designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Far Sight House designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design, perched on high ground in Singapore, this exquisite residence seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with tropical living, offering a luxurious yet functional space for its occupants. The client’s vision for a two-story home with an attic and a roof terrace facing the scenic rear views was brought […]

Namly View House by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Namly View House designed by by Wallflower Architecture + Design, a distinctive pair of residences nestled in an exclusive Singaporean neighborhood, redefines contemporary living with a perfect blend of minimalism, functionality, and a deep connection to nature. Situated on high ground, the site is enveloped by lush greenery, providing a serene backdrop to the architectural […]

See Through House by Wallflower Architecture + Design

See Through House, nestled in the heart of one of Singapore’s most exclusive areas, stands as a testament to sophisticated design within a cluster of seven unique residences. Wallflower Architecture + Design was entrusted with crafting the inaugural house in this distinctive enclave. Positioned around an old house atop the land, the challenge was to […]

Fish House, A Harmonious Blend of Luxury and Nature by Guz Architects

Fish House designed by Guz Architects, nestled amidst the lush tropical setting of Singapore, redefines tropical living, seamlessly blending luxury with a deep connection to nature. This tropical abode is a testament to the artful integration of architecture with the natural environment, addressing the challenges of Singapore’s warm climate through innovative design. The focal point […]

Willow House, Tropical Oasis Integrates Nature and Play by Guz Architects

Willow House designed by by Guz Architects, nestled in a serene residential enclave in Singapore, as a testament to innovative design tailored for a young family with a penchant for dynamic spaces. This architectural gem, conceived by Guz Architects, seamlessly marries building, garden, pool, pond, and roof gardens, create an interconnected haven that embraces Singapore’s […]

Dalvey Road House, an Oasis Inspired from Fallingwater by Guz Architects

Dalvey Road House designed by Guz Architects located on a challenging triangular site. Indeed, this house stands as a testament to innovative design, seamlessly blend nature and family in a multi generational haven. Commissioned by a family with Peranakan roots, the house draws inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, create a fluid connection between water, […]

Rain Tree House, a Sustainable Haven in Singapore by Guz Architects

Rain Tree House, a masterpiece envisioned by Guz Architects, stands as a testament to thoughtful design, seamlessly blending with nature in Singapore’s tropical embrace. This multi generational family house is an ode to sustainability and harmony. Also, centered around a majestic rain tree that serves as both a focal point and a preserved natural treasure. […]

Sunny Side House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Sunny Side House, meticulously crafted by Wallflower Architecture + Design, envisioned to encapsulate the essence of family living and togetherness. The client’s vision was for a home where formalities and rigid cultural hierarchies gave way to spaces that fostered natural bonding and shared experiences. In the context of Asian architecture, it’s essential for a home […]

Travertine Dream House in Singpore by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Travertine Dream House, a creation of Wallflower Architecture + Design, unfolds as a symphony of two parallel blocks interconnected by a glass-enclosed bridge. This separation not only facilitates daylight penetration into basement spaces but also elevates the architectural narrative. Robust travertine walls and expansive overhangs adorn the western facade, expertly mitigating the intrusion of harsh […]

Forever House with impressive shape by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Forever House designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design, nestled on an elevated plot that rises 4 meters above street level. Indeed, this house harmoniously navigates constraints and potentials to create a unique house. Slate covered terraced planters compose a robust base platform. While two distinctive cantilevered volumes emerge as the defining wings of the house, […]

Serendipity House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Serendipity House, a creation by Wallflower Architecture + Design, seamlessly merges urban living with natural tranquility. Its architectural brilliance redefines urban paradigms through open garden living, create an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling cityscape. Concealed by layers of lush vegetation, the house retreats from the urban buzz, cocooning its inhabitants in a haven of […]

Frame House, Modern Family Home in Singapore by Ming Architects

Frame House, designed by Ming Architects, is a modern family home located in Singapore, directly across from a beautiful park with a children’s playground and towering rain trees. The design of the house carefully planned to provide direct views of the lush green canopies formed by the rain trees from the master bedroom and roof […]

Outside In House, seamlessly integrates with nature by HYLA Architects

Outside In House is a stunning home designed by HYLA Architects for a family of five in Singapore. The house situated on high ground, with the rear facing West and provide a beautiful view, while the front faces East on a typical residential street. The design strategy was to place the living areas and main […]

Vertical Oasis House Features Green Oasis Insides by HYLA Architects

Vertical Oasis House in Singapore is an elegant residential project designed by HYLA Architects. The house is a vertical structure that stands out with its unique combination of an open, airy feel and an urban, industrial design. Indeed, the house features a vertical garden that runs up the side of the building, creating a lush, […]

House of Mdm SC by JL Architects + LST Architects + Spatial Anatomy

House of Mdm SC designed by JL Architects, LST Architects and Spatial Anatomy, showcases the perfect blend of functionality, sustainability, and modern design. Indeed, one of these challenges was that the house sits on a small trapezoidal plot of land nestled in a quiet but dense residential neighborhood located between two nature reserves in Singapore. […]

The Outdoor House with unique architectural language by Quod Architects

The Outdoor House designed by Quod Architects is an impressive project with unique design. This house brings the airy spaces, breezy, and encouraged interaction between family members. Also, it gives the residents the feeling of being outdoors, when they are in fact, sheltered at home, and maximized common family areas. While provides privacy for the […]

Second Nature House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Second Nature House designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design that adapts perfectly the owner’s requirement for a spacious spaces to gather, yet still ensure privacy, cozy feeling. Therefore, the designer team devised clever engineering techniques to excavate 5m deep on-site, with neighbors standing less than 3m away. Consequently, the owner gained a full basement from […]

Forgetting Time House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Forgetting Time House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design, situated at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, the brief seeks to create a sanctuary, or a retreat of sorts, inspired by the likes of a retirement respite. The home centers itself around a biophilic courtyard, with a fine collection of Frangipani trees elegantly orchestrated […]

House at Shelford Road, a Prominent Home in Singapore by Designshop

House at Shelford Road designed by Designshop is an impressive project in intersections. This house consists of two dichotomous volumes that respond geometrically to their respective adjacent contexts. A dark grey volume that directly connects with the neighboring house was a derivative of maximizing the permissible building envelope control guidelines. They juxtaposed with a contrasting […]

Mimosa Road house for a warm, rustic touch by Park + Associates Pte Ltd

Mimosa Road House designed by Park + Associates Pte Ltd and is located in Singapore. This modern house characterized by straight lines and the careful selection of materials, which give the house a warm and rustic touch. The site is rectangular and sits at the junction of 2 roads in an established housing estate in […]

Botanica House Over the Lush Nature in Singapore by Guz Architects

Botanica House designed by Guz Architects, boasts an impressive position overlooking the UNESCO world heritage botanic gardens in Singapore. Indeed, considering the prominent site, the architects have sought not to intrude on the landscape, but instead to create an architectural intervention that seems to ‘float’ thanks to a series of cantilevers. the project also focuses […]

Sky Pool House with Terraced roof gardens in Singapore by Guz Architects

Sky Pool House designed by Guz Architects is an impressive project, located in Singapore. This house completed in 2020 features a light filled central court with a glass window to the floor of the attic swimming pool which fills the house with light. In land scarce Singapore, greenery and space for nature comes at a […]

The Water Courtyard House Close to Green Nature by Guz Architects

The Water Courtyard House designed by Guz Architects that surrounded by stunning greenery garden. Therefore, it provides the airy spaces and clean air for the owner. The house intentionally celebrates the large roof overhangs which are so important in hot and humid Singapore, to protect from the tropical sun and rain. Roof eaves are intentionally […]

Water Garden House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture

Water Garden House designed by Wallflower Architecture with the requirement of a waterfall feature in the design, and a need for privacy from the many neighbors. For this house, the site is perfectly circular when seen from the top, and unique in Singapore. Indeed, the shape and sloping topography of the site were the obvious […]

Hill Terrace House, Stunning 3-storey Home in Singapore by Atelier M+A

Hill Terrace House designed by Atelier M+A is an elegant home for the 3 generations family. Located in the East coast area of Singapore, this house offers the spectacular views to the surrounding, yet still ensure the privacy for the owner. This house also integrated nature into itself, with the green trees surrounded and put […]

3ASH House express masculine aesthetic in Singapore by Czarl Architects

3ASH House designed by Czarl Architects is an impressive project with the impressive masculine exterior. Indeed, this house designed for a couple with their children. In terms of aesthetics, the couple desired the emphasis of using natural materials to go with a house expressing a “masculine” silhouette, possibly one that showcased a bunker aesthetic. Then, […]

Chord House, a Unique Design with Curved Courtyard by Ming Architects

Chord House designed by Ming Architects offers a unique design and luxurious living spaces. The typical Singapore house has fenestration which faces outwards to the surrounding neighbors and street. The form of this house derived as a response to this urban context, with inward facing views to the courtyard and a high party wall. Therefore, […]

Surprising Seclusion House, an Inward-looking Home by HYLA Architects

Surprising Seclusion designed by HYLA Architects is a suitable name for a house in Singapore’s Binchang Rise, as an oasis away the hustle and bustle of life. With both the front and rear of the house facing busy city roads, the prospect of creating a private and relaxing home was a difficult one for HYLA […]

Toh Crescent, a Stunning 10-Unit Cluster of Houses by HYLA Architects

Toh Crescent designed by HYLA Architects, an award winning architectural firm based in Singapore, is a 10-unit cluster of houses, separating communal and private spaces, arranged around a central courtyard dominated by cascaded swimming pools. Indeed, HLYA Architects responds to a demand that often arises when it comes to residential developments with communal spaces. It […]

Green Revelation House Enveloped by Lush Gardens by HYLA Architects

Green Revelation House designed by HYLA Architects is a detached house surrounded by trees and surrounding landscape. The project with unique design makes the most of the energy of nature to create an airy and comfortable living space. This detached house has 6 separate gardens and courtyards on different floors. Hence, it is perfect for […]

Merryn Road Tropical Home in Singapore by Aamer Architects

The Tropical Home in Singapore is a truly vertical garden villa was designed by Aamer Architects and completed in 2012. This 2-stories house offers a garden courtyard and koi pond, roof-pool with amazing views over the estate. Materials used for building are very natural like timber, marble and granites, blending well with the lush vertically […]

Andrew Road Contemporary Residence in Singapore by A D LAB

Text by the architects: Situated in the well-known Caldecott region of central Singapore, this Residence in Singapore by A D Lab enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of its quaint residential neighbourhood with gorgeous views of the MacRitchie Reservoir, one of the nation’s most popular nature reserves. The architects, however, had to contend with the site’s proximity to […]

Enclosed Open House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Homeowners want a modern House in Singapore, spacious home that can be opened as much as possible without compromising security and privacy. Surrounded by neighbors on four sides, the solution is a fully fenced compound with a localized space program like swimming pools and gardens, often considered the outside of the envelope of the house. […]

Spectacular Modern Home in Singapore by Ong&Ong

The modern home in Singapore consists of three blocks interacting with each other by being placed around a central courtyard; while each wing is still different enough to be considered as an independent entity. The interior and outdoor areas of the home are linked with the flexibility of the space so that the home can […]

The Wall House in Singapore by FARM

This house in Singapore set on lot of 1,116 square meter designed by FARM and completed in 2016. These are essentially two houses that look alike but are independent and come together to form a unity. It is the request of elderly customers who want to have a private life and close to their children […]

Luxury Residence in Singapore by Ong&Ong Architects

The JKC1 home is a Luxury Residence in Singapore designed with the concept was to keep the general design subtle, giving precedence to the surrounding pockets of nature and Ong&Ong Architects done it well as requirements of client. Set on spectacular site of 1990 square meters, The house provides an ideal advantage point from which […]

Secret Garden Modern House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design

The Secret Garden Modern House in Singapore situated in premier area of Bukit Timah on lot of 13,900 square feet; designed by renowned architure firm Wallflower Architecture + Design. The design request of the client was to have a tropical, luxurious, contemporary family home. Conceptually, there are two rectangular blocks; are connected at the second […]

Exceptional Mistral Villa in Singapore by Mercurio Design Lab

Completion in 2017, the 680 square meter Villa Mistral is unique modern home in Singapore designed by famed company Mercurio Design Lab