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Eaves House, impressive Home by McLeod Bovell Modern Houses

Eaves House designed by McLeod Bovell Modern Houses that offers spectacular views to English Bay, the Vancouver skyline, and the Stanley Park peninsula are spread across the horizon to the South and South-East. This house formally comprised of a hovering concrete plinth at the main floor which sits underneath two broad eaves. Also, the plinth […]

Four & Four House with Unobstructed Views of Water by Mcleod Bovell

Four & Four House designed by Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses, a renown designer based in Canada. Located on a steep waterfront lot flanked by a suburban context, this home adapts the owner’s affinity for mid-century, post-and-beam construction with contemporary adaptations. Spatially, the central courtyard separates the flanking formal and informal living areas. While still allowing […]