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Dune Villa V, an Oasis of Peace and Relaxation by BNLA Architecten

Dune Villa V, designed by BNLA Architecten, is a captivating house that cleverly incorporates different split levels, mirror the heights of the dune landscape. This design approach enhances the connection with the surrounding nature, optimizing the experience for its residents. Also, the architects have also prioritized environmental considerations by utilizing sustainable materials like wood and […]

Terphouse Rotterdam, Sustainable Home with Timber roof by Studio AAAN

Terphouse Rotterdam designed by Studio AAAN, nocated within a system of dikes and small islands, appears serene and idyllic. Yet designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and works cleverly and hard towards a sustainable architecture result. Indeed, the house, as the project was titled, balances contemporary architecture and environmental friendliness, set upon a low mound […]

House on a House, a Stunning Roof Extension by Bloot Architecture

House on a House designed by Bloot Architecture to extend the roof on top of the existing apartment. The urban fabric of the Bomenbuurt consists of 3-layer building blocks that built close to each other so that adding an extra layer on top of the existing buildings has a lot of impact on the rest […]

Villa Trompenberg, Modern and Comfort Home by Engel Architecten

Villa Trompenberg designed by Engel Architecten is a stunning project which on a plot in the villa district Trompenberg in Hilversum. The design made up of two elongated volumes placed at right angles to each other and remains legible separately due to the difference in height within the volumes. Together the two volumes form a […]