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The char house inspired by fallen burnt tree branch by Starbox architecture

The Char House designed by Starbox Architecture that embodies a blazen offshoot that still possesses beauty at its core. This house located in Stony Rise in Tasmania’s north west. Located on a suburban street, the site the house sits upon is orientated in a North-South direction, with a steep slope falling to the North. Starbox […]

17 Original Bedroom Layout Ideas for a Functional and Comfortable Space

We all enjoy redecorating our homes to create the ideal atmosphere, and as children, the majority of us enjoyed obsessively redecorating our bedrooms to give the impression that we had had a bedroom makeover. With a bed in the center, a wardrobe against one wall, nightstands on either side of the bed, and perhaps a […]

Little Manly House with Contemporary Architecture Design by CHROFI

Little Manly House designed by CHROFI, set on the edge of Little Manly Cove, the proposal replaces an ‘inter war period’ two storey conventional brick duplex with a modern duplex. Also, responds more directly to both its impressive harbour-side location and the demands of contemporary living. Being at the base of the Eastern Hill, this […]

McAnally Residence with Stylish Design by MADDOCK

McAnally Residence designed by MADDOCK is a stunning project which offers spectacular overlooking the ocean, thank to the prime location at Sunshine Beach, on the East coast of Australia, approximately 120km North of Brisbane. Indeed, the home occupies three plentiful levels and is expressed through its materiality and bold forms. On all planes, platforms of […]

Esmeralda House with Emerald Mineral inspiration by Cazú Zegers

Esmeralda House designed by Cazú Zegers Arquitectura is a modern project with inspiration for its form is the Emerald Mineral. Indeed, Cazú Zegers was able to deconstruct the shape of an emerald by drawing in order to give this house its peculiar shape. Besides, the construction conceived as a regular square plan, with a central […]

East Room House with Bespoke Architecture by Loucas Zahos Architects

East Room House designed by Loucas Zahos Architects is a bespoke architectural home carefully crafted to make one stop and marvel in the street. Indeed, complexity is integral to the structure and design for this home, create a one of a kind look and feel from facade through to the rear. Elegant in the way […]

Mountford Road House in Australia by Shane Marsh Architects

Mountford Road House designed Shane Marsh Architects, gives the same feeling of undercroft and coolness to the built form of the home. Located in New Farm, Queensland, the house offers a peaceful dwelling for the owner, just still adapt the daily activity and suitable with traditional Queenslander style. Families would gather under these houses in […]

Bilgola Beach House Transforms with Operable Shutters by Olson Kundig

Bilgola Beach House designed by Olson Kundig, the structure designed with a facade of operable, louvred shutters that open the interior outward to the ocean and distant horizon beyond. It designed for a couple who plan to host large family gatherings, the dwelling suits the needs of the clients with its wide open, transformable living […]

Bona Vista House with a Warm and Cozy Spaces by Architect Prineas

Bona Vista House designed by Architect Prineas, inspired by the warmth of the pre-existing, the house sees the expansion of a familiar heritage home as it embraces a more meaningful use of its large allotment. Indeed, Studio Prineas take cues from the surrounding context in conjuring a contemporary series of spaces, all brought together through […]

19 Ideas And Inspirations For The Perfect Modern Living Room

One of the most often utilized rooms in a home, living rooms ought to feel and look their finest. Living room ideas modern can help you give your cluttered and worn-out living room a trendy makeover. There are ways to upgrade your area into contemporary style, whether you’re seeking for completely new living room ideas […]