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Lakeshore House, Brand-new Vacation Home in India by Atelier Landschaft

Lakeshore house designed by Atelier Landschaft is a incredible project which offers a spectacular views of the Sahyadri mountains and the serene lake. Taking advantage from location, the house designed to harness the views from all the rooms in the condition of the narrow site that tapers towards the West. In addition to this, the […]

Void House with Tropical Modernism Design by i2a Architects Studio

Void House designed by i2a Architects Studio is an impressive project which blend the tropical modernism into the landscape. Located on Thrissur, India, the house shaded and holds courtyards, to provide air across the site yet still ensure the privacy for the owners. The planning concerts with the site, explicitly protecting maximum trees within this […]

Banyan Tree House, Unique shape design Home by Tales of Design studio

Banyan Tree House designed by Tales of Design studio, located in Mampully is an elegant home for a young family. In this house, spaces positioned to establish visual connection between themselves and landscape without compromising privacy. Three bedroom house is a single storey-ed structure with a Mezzanine floor and has a built-up area of 2000sqft. […]

Little Much Farm house with views of Sahyadri hills and lake by Studio LAB

Little Much Farm house designed by Studio LAB is a stunning home with 6 acres, 4 bedroom villa, 2 bedroom cottage with pool and a farm. This house located on a remote hill side with the spectacular views of the Sahyadri hills of Mulshi and its lake. The enclosures of this house are a composition […]

La Vie Residence, an Elegant House in India by SOHO Architects

La Vie Residence designed by SOHO Architects, envisioned as three blocks with the majority of openings directed towards the central courtyard. Also, shielded from the front road by a screen wall allowing the breezes to rustle in while establish the required privacy. For this house, the taller South block harbors the double heightened guest living […]

Flying House, a Holiday Home with Dramatic Western ghats by Studio LAB

Flying House designed by Studio LAB is a beautifully designed home with the unique shape of exterior. This house laid out along a 75 m long North – South axis facing the valley view. Two distinct East – facing building volumes separated by the infinity pool and garden. In this house, the single level North […]

Brick House Showcases Culture & Grandeur of Solapur by Studio Humane

Brick House designed by Studio Humane is a beautifully constructed villa situated in the centre of a 25000 sq ft property. Indeed, this house showcases the culture and grandeur associated with Solapur. Known for textile mills and ‘Solapuri chadars’ (bedsheets with a prominent geometric pattern), the city of Bashir (where the house is located) served […]

Mulberry House, Stunning Brand-new Home in India by DADA Partners

Mulberry House designed by DADA Partners with the unique identity design. Located in New Delhi, India, this house hinged around a Mulberry tree that was the only feature of a barren site. Upon entering the site, one immediately notices the lush green tree that becomes the drop off focal point towards the North of the […]

Anvar Residence with Beautiful Landscape in India by Silpi Architects

Anvar Residence designed by Silpi Architects is a stunning project with impressive exterior and luxury interior. The house located on a rapidly urbanizing roadside in Edappally, yet still ensure the privacy for the owner. The site situated towards the West of a commercial plot owned by the client. In order to make complete use of […]

Rooted House, a simple yet bold aesthetic in India by Triple O Studio

Rooted House designed by Triple O Studio, located amidst residential pockets of Chennai, India. Indeed, for this house, the architect conscious effort to integrate the landscape with the living spaces, makes it harmonious with the nature. The house sits encompassed by wide setbacks. Also, thoughtfully laid out to facilitate specified types of green parcels that […]

Buoyant Hue House, Simple yet Modern Home by Mindspark Architects

Buoyant Hue House, simple yet modern home by Mindspark Architects that is eye catching with with hued jali screens ornamenting its front facade. Indeed, this house meets the owner’s demand for a simple, elegant house, yet still mordern and green spaces. The design was a primary response to the context and kept in mind to […]

Le Tranquil House, Minimalism in a tropical setting by Studio WhiteScape

Le Tranquil House designed by Studio WhiteScape, located next to a narrow street in Pondicherry, possesses a unique architectural style but is still in harmony with the neighborhood. This is the home of a family of 2 couples and 3 children with the request to build a house that represents the new generation. Indeed, the […]

Horizon House, Stunning house in New Delhi, India by DADA Partners

Horizon House designed by DADA Partners is an impressive project which combine luxury interiors with a carefully curated outdoor landscape. Indeed, this house is an exploration of the terrace typology with floating roofs projecting over the terraces and built form. The house conceived as an assembly of two fairly rectangular blocks. They are the East-facing […]

The Overhang House, a Cozy Home in India Designed by DADA Partners

Overhang House located in New Delhi, India that designed by DADA partners is a beautiful construction with simple and fine lines that satisfies the customer’s demands. Indeed, it is perfect place for a family because it offers privacy and intimacy due to its location in the suburbs of New Delhi. This is more than a […]

Harris Residence, Traditional Concepts with Modern Outlook by Studio Acis

Harris Residence designed by Studio Acis is an impressive project which allows a deep sense of connection with the built space. Also provide the experience to the visitor. Indeed, for this house, it was key that the planning cleared away any feeling of detachment, within or outside the residence. This house is a culmination of […]

House of Lines and Circles in India by Cognition Design Studio

House of Lines and Circles designed by Cognition Design Studio with setting a beautiful visual language for the spaces, also execute a seamless transition of public to private, exalting nuanced degrees of privacy in this residence in Kerala. True to its name, a plethora of patterns composed of lines and circles adorn yet never overpower […]

Paroppadi Residence creates harmony with nature by Magicline Studio

Paroppadi Residence designed by Magicline Studio brings the contentment and adapts owner’s demand with the sophisticated design of interior. Include living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom On the other hand, in an urban point of view, the house is a response to minimize the environmental impacts caused by the construction industry. Also, by […]

Weekend Getaway House brings the nature living experience SAK Designs

Weekend Getaway House has been completed by SAK Designs, is an ambitious contemporary dwelling project in Pune, India. This project designed as a home for a family that prefers the raw and rustic experience over a luxury mansion type of dwelling. Even though this home feels rather modern, it is surrounded by the owner’s farm. […]

The Brick Connection brings a Grounded Living Experience by Traanspace

The Brick Connection designed by Traanspace, located in Vadadora, India, with the name is a play on the literal and the figurative. The bricks that define the exterior and interior aesthetic, and the connectivity that serves as the guiding principle of the house itself. Indeed, the house revolves around the concept of connections. The connections […]

Casa Feliz, a Contemporary Luxurious House in India Designed by ADND

Casa Feliz designed by ADND, set in quaint little coastal town of Alibaug to the South of Mumbai promises perfect getaway. This 10,000 sq. ft contemporary house spreads itself on a 2acre site which is blessed by nature with dense flora and a small water body on its Southeast. The unforeseeable scale of a 20 […]

Dalal House, an Impressive Home in India by Groundwork Architecture

Dalal House designed by Groundwork Architecture is an impressive project with natural brick and concrete as the main finishing exterior. The house located on an area of 1,000 sq. mt. with 20m street frontage and 50m depth. This home organized on three levels. It provides high end amenities with five bedrooms, formal living, family living […]

Entheogenic House, A Spiritual Inspired Home by The Vrindavan Project

Entheogenic House designed by The Vrindavan Project with the inspiration of spirit to the actual life, to create an impressive house. Indeed, with the contextual, environmental, and ecological sensitivity is a default setting, or precondition. It is necessary for composed and consistent Spiritually guided praxis. From the outside, the house is really grand with large […]

Beautiful House with futuristic white facade for unique exterior by Cadence

Beautiful House with the name Gauribidanur Residence, designed by Cadence, a Bangalore based architecture and design practice, is a representation of futuristic and sustainable design. Located on a site flanked by roads on two sides, the the architecture is a result of a series volumetric deductions from a platonic ‘L’ shaped object. Also, the incisions […]

AIKYA House, structure of times past but modernity by Techno Architecture

AIKYA House designed by Techno Architecture, located in 4800 sq.ft site of South Bangalore. The house is perfect combination between the structures of times past, but still showcases the modernity spirit of contemporary life. Indeed, contemporary needs and the clients strict brief of ‘no clutter home’ helped to frame the color palette of the house. […]

Scarlet House with Unique and Distinct Design by Ghoricha Associate

Scarlet House designed by Ghoricha Associate is a prominent project which offers the stunning spaces for the likings and living style of the family. The house for for 4 people of two generations, provide all the elements in right balance of luxury and hannelize the pragmatic lifestyle. Indeed, the play of solid blocks forming voids […]

H House, a Typical Bungalow with a Garden by Co.lab Design Studio

H-House designed by Co.lab Design Studio is a luxurious and spacious home with infusing gardens into this bungalow. Therefore, it creates an ideal place where the owner feels constantly connected to the outdoors. Located in a busy neighbourhood surrounded by high rises, this is an inward looking bungalow in Surat. It features three levels, the […]

Brick Screen House in charm traditional style in India by MS Design Studio

Brick Screen House designed by MS Design Studio is a traditional style home which has charm written all over it. Indeed, the architect employs the subtle Indian and earthy aesthetics while designing the ‘Brick Screen House’ in Vadodara, Gujarat. Keeping in mind the region’s hot and dry climatic conditions, the firm incorporated brick screens in […]

The Courtyard House, a Luxurious House in India by Associated Architects

The Courtyard House designed by Associated Architects is a stunning and luxurious home, which combines traditional yet still mordern style. In the house, the space designed based on square form derived out of nine squares. Also, the long central axis leads to the direct vision across the house from the gate allowing nature to flow […]

House of Ayoob, Unique and Aesthetical Design in India by 3dor Concepts

House of Ayoob designed by 3dor Concepts is an unique shape design which impressive at first sight. The concept behind the design is creating a comfort spaces, privacy yet still ensure the aesthetical appealing. By the talent and creation, the architect brings the ideal house for the owner as well as an artwork for architecture […]

Samruddhi House with Homely Feeling in India by AANGAN Architects

Samruddhi House designed by AANGAN Architects, with the desire of bringing the homely feeling for the owner, yet still prospering as per it’s name. Also, the house designed with the idea of a sustainable dwelling by understanding and responding to the climate. Therefore, Courtyard, Natural light, and a permeable facade used as key components. Since […]

An Indian Modern House, Luxury contemporary Design by 23DC Architects

An Indian Modern House designed by 23DC Architects is a luxurious modern home yet still keep the pure traditional Indian home feel. The plan of the house oriented to gain maximum landscape area. Therefore, light given special consideration by way of location and orientation. Connectivity of spaces, an open plan as well as privacy are […]

Janapriya Residence with airy open Space in India by Keystone Architects

Janapriya Residence designed by Keystone Architects with total area of ​​up to 650m2, an “invisible” structure to fully exploit the beautiful landscape around the house. Thanks to that, the house impresses anyone who has ever visited by its poetic beauty and picturesque scenery. Owning a relatively large plot of land, homeowners want their living space […]

Open Living House, give serene escapade yet luxury by Deearth Architects

Open Living House designed by Deearth Architects, located amidst the dense urban concrete jungle, still offers the peace and serene escapade for the owner. The entrance of the house provided from the East side to ensure the privacy and easier to access. Also, the inward looking courtyard of the house gently veiled from the outer […]

Barbodhan Villa, a Luxurious and splendour Project in India by Designritmo

Barbodhan Villa designed by Designritmo, located among the rice fields of Barbodhan, the house welcomes the beautiful of nature to insides itself. The open plan design of the house allows maximum connectivity with the outdoors, with endless views from all spaces. Besides, with the design inspired from traditional South Indian houses, this house offers a […]

Caryota house, with soaring palm centres modern home by DADA Partners

Caryota House designed by DADA & Partners, located in the tranquil landscape of almost three acres, but still offers comfort and luxury for the owner. The project developed in three levels around the Caryota palm courtyard. On the other hand, all other trees retained in their locations and the new building took shape around these. […]

Monochrome House, Privacy, Openness in Modern style by DADA Partners

Monochrome House designed by DADA Partners. It fitted for a young couple who wanted it to work as a youthful residence and a space that’s fit for entertainment. The house explores the idea of landscape thresholds that inter connect with all spaces both horizontally and vertically. Set across four levels, this house seamlessly intertwines the […]

Porch House, luxury Home with Nature harmony in India by DADA Partners

Porch House designed by DADA Partners, located on 2-acre farmland in India, designed with a generous court that faces the rising Sun. Indeed, the house offers a spacious spaces for the homeowner’s use demand with high end amenities and sophisticated design. Besides, the design also focuses on sustainability and harmony with the environment. And as […]

Brick Mask House, spacious luxury retirement home by Spacefiction Studio

Brick Mask House designed by Spacefiction Studio is a peaceful and luxurious retirement retreat to escape from the noisy city life. Indeed, this house, by itself, creates the harmony with the nature surrounding. It weaves itself around the large, looming mango trees, creating a multitude of experiences. The heart of the house is an open […]

Casa Bianca, white house offers serenity & harmony by The Grid Architects

Casa Bianca designed by The Grid Architects is tranquil home set in urban Ahmedabad. The intuitive interaction with the forces of nature creates a dynamism that lends itself to the indoor – outdoor dialogue that is at the heart of the architecture. Also, it emphasizes a harmonious coexistence; not just of the building with its […]

Aaron’s Courtyard House with Minimalist design style by The Design Room

Aaron’s Courtyard House design by The Design Room is an elegant home with numerous trees. This home located within a kilometer radius from the Kollam beach in Kerala. The adjacency to the sea offers to the house with so many natural advantages. Such as ross ventilation, passive cooling and natural lighting. As a result, the […]