Folded Wall House, Masterpiece of Design by DADA Partners

Folded Wall House, designed by DADA Partners, is a testament to innovative architectural design and sophisticated spatial planning. This contemporary residence is centered around a beautifully designed courtyard, which acts as the focal point and heart of the home. The layout of the house is thoughtfully crafted with layered spaces that seamlessly blend the indoor […]

Pool House, Modern Architectural Marvel by DADA Partners

Pool House, an architectural masterpiece designed by DADA Partners in India, embodies a perfect blend of modern design and functional elegance. The residence is spatially layered, creating a series of interconnected spaces that flow seamlessly from one to the next. This configuration is centered around a linear courtyard, which serves as the heart of the […]

Planar House, Layered Monolithic Volumes by DADA Partners

Planar House is an exploration of assembling a series of detached monolithic planar volumes along the main body of the home. This layered arrangement and the resulting gaps create unexpected chasm-like spatial experiences. The rugged, cast-in-situ concrete planar wall, along with stucco walls on the upper levels, emerge from the F-shaped house plan and serve […]

Cleave House Redefines Courtyard Living by DADA Partners

Cleave House revolutionizes the traditional courtyard concept within a compact 1800 square yard plot. Departing from the norm, it employs a series of meticulously crafted ‘sliced voids’ to introduce natural light and airflow into every corner of the residence. A striking amalgamation of metal and wood forms a protective shell along the façade, enclosing these […]

Nirmal Van House, Riverside Villa by Design Work Group

Nirmal Van House designed by Design Work Group, nestled near Surat, our tropical villa epitomizes the allure and significance of tropical architecture. Situated amidst lush mango trees with a breathtaking panoramic river view, every aspect of this abode is meticulously crafted to harmonize with its natural surroundings. Collaborating closely with our clients, we embarked on […]

Siri Residence, A Luxurious Tropical Oasis by Design Kacheri

Siri Residence stands as a tropical oasis, located within the tranquility of Karishma hills. This house offers respite from the fast-paced tech city life of Bengaluru. Situated on the outskirts of the Turahalli forest, this residence embraces the natural beauty of the site, adorned with majestic teak, mango, and coconut trees. The design philosophy revolves […]

Jubilee Terraces Residence in India by Spacefiction Studio

Jubilee Terraces Residence designed by Spacefiction Studio, harmoniously blend of design and nature Nestled in the upscale neighborhood of Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, India, this unique residence stands out in a landscape dominated by opulent yet contextually insensitive structures. Unlike its counterparts, this house embraces the undulating terrain, rocky surroundings, and the majestic presence of […]

VAYU House, tradition and innovation by The Grid Architects

VAYU House, a distinctive architectural masterpiece, graces a compact southwest-facing corner plot, embodying innovative principles to address multi-generational living challenges. This residence stands as a testament to a vertical approach, optimizing space while embracing the essence of Vayu, symbolizing air or wind in Hindu philosophy. Rooted in environmental and cultural context, the design strives to […]

Lakeshore Residence, A Tranquil Haven by Atelier Landschaft

Lakeshore, a captivating vacation home perched on the shores of a gated dam in Nashik, India’s renowned wine capital, unfolds its design to embrace the stunning views of the Sahyadri mountains and the tranquil lake. Situated on a narrow site tapering towards the west, the architectural challenge was to capture the picturesque scenery from every […]

Aalloa Hills Residence, Net-Zero Oasis by INI Design Studio

Nestled near Gandhinagar city in Gujarat, Aalloa Hills Residence stands as a beacon of tranquility and sustainability, seamlessly blending into the lush Sabarmati Riverside terrains. This net-zero residence, a bright white bridge hovering above the ground, commands breathtaking views of the river and forest. The design, curated with geometric precision, blurs the boundaries between inside […]

Link House, Unconventional Luxury Unfolding by Openideas Architects

Link House designed by the visionary Openideas Architects located in the heart of the city is a groundbreaking architectural marvel stands as a testament to creativity and ingenuity. Designed as a sprawling 22,000 sq. ft home for an entrepreneur and real estate magnate, this house defies the norms of conventional living. The challenge presented was […]

Orchard House, Nature’s Symphony Unveiled by DADA Partners

Orchard House, an architectural masterpiece by DADA Partners, seamlessly woven into a lush mango orchard. This unique project delicately balances the preservation of majestic mango trees with the creation of a distinctive architectural rhythm. Stone-clad walls, bathed in the elegance of Kurnoor grey limestone, define space and welcome visitors, creating an intimate connection with the […]

L House Combines Stark and Clean volumes by The Grid Architects

L House, an architectural masterpiece by The Grid Architects, embodies simplicity, starkness, and cleanliness within its interiors, creating uncluttered spaces that harmonize with the surrounding trees. The design philosophy revolves around the integration of local elements, emphasizing a seamless connection between man, material, and environment. The house’s spatial arrangement encourages interaction between semi-private and private […]

Vanessa Weekend Villa, a Nature Symphony by The Grid Architects

Vanessa Weekend Villa, a creation by The Grid Architects that seamlessly weaves light, air, greenery, and panoramic views into its architectural tapestry. This abode embodies a holistic approach, fostering an innate connection with nature to evoke tranquility and harmony. Nestled in a picturesque location, Vanessa Villa engages intimately with its surroundings, embracing native materials and […]

Zen Spaces Residence, Blends Design & Nature by Sanjay Puri Architects

Zen Spaces Residence, an architectural marvel by Sanjay Puri Architects, seamlessly blending with the vibrant landscape of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Spread across four levels, this 27,000 sqft residence redefines contemporary living, incorporating Zen philosophy into its design. Situated on a corner plot with roads on three sides, Zen Spaces integrates with the existing landscape, preserving mature […]

B 99 House, Harmonious Integration and Sustainable by DADA Partner

B 99 House, meticulously designed by DADA Partners, nestled in the heart of modern architecture, showcases harmonizes living and workspaces. Indeed, embracing a courtyard-centric layout, the structure impeccably blends function and elegance. Strategically organized, the house divides spaces, placing the formal living zones at the forefront and private areas towards the rear, coalescing around a […]

Zero One House, Contemporary Elegance in India by DADA Partners

Zero One House, designed by DADA Partners, stands as a contemporary gem strategically located at the intersection of urban luxury and natural beauty. This two – story family residence offers an elegant yet modest configuration of living spaces that revolve around a central courtyard. Also, provide both intimacy and breathtaking views. On the other hand, […]

Center Court House, Harmony of Nature and Design by DADA Partners

Center Court House, a masterful creation designed by DADA & Partners, is a testament to architectural brilliance. Indeed, this contemporary villa designed with precision, feature two sets of parallel masses with an additional volume soaring above, arranged in an H-shape configuration. This unique layout forms two courtyard spaces that flawlessly integrate with the building’s structure. […]

Water Ledge House, Elegant Tranquility Project by DADA Partners

Water Ledge House, a creation by DADA & Partners perched elegantly, overlooking the sprawling expanse of a picturesque golf course. Indeed, this house stands as a testament to architectural brilliance. This magnificent family home is thoughtfully divided into distinct vertical zones, allow for a harmonious blend of formal and informal living spaces on the lower […]

Bridge House, Masterpiece of Architecture and Nature by DADA Partners

Bridge House designed by DADA Partners, set on a slender 2.5-acre plot with an impeccable East – West orientation, the house boasts an ingenious design tailored to the site’s dimensions. In addition to this, the North side of the property intentionally left open, creating the perfect canvas for a captivating outdoor area. Besides, a stunning […]

Portal Noir House, Expression of Architectural Artistry by DADA Partners

Portal Noir house designed by DADA & Partners, stands as a testament to innovative architectural design. At the heart of its exterior aesthetic lies a striking series of juxtaposed flanked portals – the Noir Portals. Indeed, these free standing grey limestone walls, adorned with long black lintels, create a captivating intersection of portals. Beyond their […]

B-99 House, A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity by DADA & Partners

B-99 House designed by DADA & Partners, this residence caters to an architect couple. It embraces a hierarchical zoning strategy, with formal living areas at the front and private spaces to the rear. The North – South axis houses bedrooms and bathrooms, while the East – West axis accommodates drawing, living, and kitchen spaces, form […]

Portico House, A Serene Oasis in India Designed by DADA Partners

Portico House designed by by DADA Partners, nestled on a sprawling 1-acre parcel, is a masterpiece of architectural design. It revolves around two magnificent Jamun trees that take center stage in the East and West Courtyards. These majestic trees form the heart and soul of this exceptional residence. The public spaces, which include formal and […]

The Ring House, Blend of Architecture and Nature by Studio prAcademics

The Ring House, nestled in the serene northern suburb of Ahmedabad known as Jaspur, is a testament to architectural harmony with nature. This idyllic setting features a water canal along its southern edge, surrounded by lush agricultural fields on all other sides. The property boasts over 120 trees, predominantly Mango and Chickoo (Sapodilla) trees, making […]

The Monolithic House Features Open & Green Spaces by MODO Designs

The Monolithic House, an architectural marvel by MODO Designs, stands on the outskirts of Ahmedabad amidst sprawling farmlands. The owner’s vision for this residence was to create a space that seamlessly blends open areas with natural surroundings. Hence, the result is a central courtyard house with interconnected spaces, interspersed with open to sky sections that […]

Manjodaya House, Chic & Elegant Home by Ecumene Habitat Solutions

Manjodaya House, an architectural marvel envisioned by Ecumene Habitat Solutions, harmoniously blends aesthetic splendor and thoughtful design elements. Once entering the plot, a picturesque pergola frames the residence capturing the essence and summary of the design. All materials used in the building aportrayed at this point. Lined by green on either side, the pergola uses […]

The House Within the Grid for Entertaining by LIJO RENY Architects

The House Within the Grid envisioned by LIJO RENY architects, stands as a testament to ingenuity and design prowess. This house is an embodiment of meticulous planning, feature two parallel bays harmoniously connected. Each bay is a composition of distinct functional zones, intertwined with a linear circulation spine that seamlessly dissolves into the adjoining rooms, […]

Veiled House in India by Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects GRCA

The Veiled House designed by Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects GRCA is strategically situated on a large, elongated site in the heart of the town, running from North to South. Accessible from a bustling bye lane on the North side. Also, connect to the main street, the site benefits from a quieter neighborhood cul de sac […]

Hosapete Mane House brings harmonious, comfortable space by Cadence

Hosapete Mane House, designed by Cadence, located in Hospet, Karnataka, this house showcases a unique architectural vision. The home conceived as a fusion of interconnected volumes, seamlessly merging together. To achieve a sense of fluidity within the space, an animated section employed, resulting in a dynamic variation along the length of the house. The roofs, […]

Hovering Gardens House in Pune, India by Niraj Doshi Design Consultancy

Hovering Gardens House, designed by Niraj Doshi Design Consultancy, is a unique project set in a green neighborhood in Pune. It seamlessly integrates with its surroundings through the clever use of natural elements such as water bodies, bridges, stone walls, and landscaped areas. These elements not only merge the house with its environment. But also […]

Celandine House with a coherent design by 7th Hue Architecture Studio

Celandine House, designed by 7th Hue Architecture Studio, captures the tropical essence of its namesake flower, infuse the living spaces with light and vibrancy. Indeed, the design pays homage to the context and climate of Kerala, known for its lush landscapes and challenge weather conditions. By incorporate features like bricks, sloping roofs, and courtyards, the […]

F3 Farmhouse, a Modern Lifestyle Home in India by DADA Partners

F3 Farmhouse designed by DADA Partners, in a lifestyle home, features a unique layout with two separate units surrounding a spacious central courtyard. The larger unit houses the formal and informal areas on the lower floor. While the bedrooms are located on the upper level. Besides, the smaller unit, known as the “Outhouse Unit,” serves […]

House by the Lake, Re-unite with Nature in India by Kaviar Collaborative

House by the Lake in India, designed by Kaviar Collaborative, to emphasize the connection with nature, embraces a minimalistic aesthetic indoors. The focus is on the lake and the surrounding environment, achieved through the use of earthy colors like greys, beiges, whites, and blacks. The house incorporates textures such as kota stone, local stone, concrete, […]

Daaji’s Home, Seamlessly Integrated with Nature by The Grid Architects

Daaji’s Home, located in the Heartfulness Centre at Kanha Shantivanam in Hyderabad, India, and designed by The Grid Architects, is a residence that harmoniously integrates with its natural surroundings. The site posed a challenge, as it contained ancient rocks and a few existing trees that Daaji, the homeowner, wished to preserve. Therefore, careful planning required […]

Gallery House, Impressive Architectural Masterpiece by DADA Partners

Gallery House, designed by DADA & Partners, is an impressive architectural masterpiece located in India. The house situated on a quarter – acre plot that gradually narrows, allow it to make the most of its frontage, which faces a beautiful green lawn and arrival court. While dealing with the angled rear edge condition, the design […]

Three Trees House Preserve Trees while Enjoy Natural by DADA Partners

Three Trees House, designed by DADA & Partners, is a stunning architectural gem located in India. The house divided into two main blocks: the front block and the rear block. The front block houses the public functions of the house, such as the entry lobby, drawing room, dining area, and bar. These spaces face a […]

Corner House Connected to Well-landscaped Outdoors by DADA Partners

Corner House, designed by DADA Partners, is situated in a prominent suburban neighborhood in India, occupying a pivotal corner location. The design of the house revolves around its multiple frontages, create an engaging and experiential space that interacts with the surrounding streetscape on three sides. The goal was to create a contemporary and sustainable home […]

R House blends traditional and modern design elements by K.N.Associates

R House in India, designed by K.N. Associates, is a stunning example of traditional architecture blended with modern design elements. The exterior of the house features exposed brick and RCC, with pergolas on the open terraces. Indeed, the house has an open courtyard nestled within the C-shaped footprint of the structure, and semi-open spaces act […]

Madhuvilla The Concrete House, Prominent House by K.N.Associates

MadhuVilla – the Concrete House, located in Vadodara, Gujarat, is a remarkable example of a concrete structure. The villa covers an area of 20,040 sq. ft. and offers a peaceful environment due to its stillness. The villa has large glass openings that connect the front elevation to the front garden and the backside areas to […]

Athachi Farmhouse with Raw, Earthy Tone Exterior by Alchemy Architects

Athachi Farmhouse is a holiday home located in Palakkad Pass, Kerala, India, designed by Alchemy Architects. The client, a nature lover NRI, wanted a home that reflected his farming principles and love for greenery in the tropical zone. Indeed, the design approach was to utilize the expansive views of the on-site 3-acre natural water body […]