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House on One Level with Impressive Exterior by RS + Robert Skitek

House on One Level is a stunning project which designed by RS + Robert Skitek that spread on the large site. Indeed, the house meets the owner’s demand for a house with all rooms be on the same level with a West view and without any steps. Also, the Western part of the plot designated […]

Ode to Nature House to Ensure Privacy in Poland by Milwicz Architekci

Ode to Nature House designed by Milwicz Architekci is an impressive detached house in a quiet area surrounded by a forest. The main design aim of this house is creating a space to commune with natural, yet still ensuring the privacy for the owner. One of the design aims was to provide light displays in […]

Wind House, an unique Villa Design shaped by nature by Mobius Architekci

Wind House designed by Mobius Architekci is a unique house located in the vicinity of the Kampinos Forest near Warsaw. This organic approach resulted in a completely unusual design where there are no completely parallel walls. Nature literally embraces the entire building, hiding as gracefully among the trees as the wind passes through the woods. […]

House with Niches, Combines Elegant White Blocks by RS + Robert Skitek

House with Niches designed by RS Robert Skitek in modern and elegant design. Located on a beautiful plot of a fairly large, flat plot of land in yet undeveloped area, this home consists of several white, elongated boxes shifted against each other. Obviously, the warm color of the wood emphasizes the niches and contrasts with […]