Choose suitable lighting to create a soothing or romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Take inspiration from our list of bedroom lighting ideas to ensure that you can snuggle up in bed with the one you love at night. Discover more thousands of other great ideas for your home at LUXURY PHOTO.

1 | Great room with a buffet lamp that matches the room’s color scheme; tour this mansion here $28 Million The Norman Lear Estate on 8.29 Acres of Impeccable Grounds

Gorgeous Great Rooms

2 | Chandeliers are ornate and can add to the luxurious feel of a bedroom. Full photos of this Mansion available here Boca Raton Home with Transitional Accents asked for $5.8 Million

The great room totally opens with outdoor spaces and directs to amazing pool in the center

3 | Swing arm lightings are multipurpose lamps that swing out from the wall when in use and lean back against the wall when not in use. To get more taste about the mansion at Striking Contemporary House in Sonoma Asks for $13.95 Million

Gorgeous Great Rooms

4 | In bedrooms, ceiling fans serve a dual purpose: they regulate temperature and provide bright overhead lighting. Look more this Mansion here Key Biscayne Brand New Construction Home for Sale at $3.5 Million

Gorgeous Great Room

5 | The tree light is a great accent piece for a space as it has several branches that can be directed in different directions. Take a look into this mansion here Tour of Fantastic Ultra Modern Home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Gorgeous Great Rooms

6 | Large floor lamps are perfect beroom light ideas if you have an extra space in your bedroom to dedicate to this type of lighting. Alta Modern Home in Los Altos Hills, CA by M. Designs Architects

More Ideas for Living Room:

Gorgeous Great Room

7 | A table lamp enables people to crawl into bed and finish work before quickly turning off the light. Check-in the Mansion here $8.5 Million Incredible Ocean View Modern Compound in Pacific Palisades

Clean and Spacious Great Room is masterful designed by talent Architect Paul McClean

8 | LED strips embedded in ceiling molding can provide a more interesting and lighter way than traditional way; View more this Mansion at Brand New Dilido Home on the Venetian Islands hits Market for $13.7 Million

9 | Recessed lighting in the bedroom can be very dramatic as it creates incredible warm and enticing shadows. Beautiful Buccaneer Way Bay Front home in California

10 | When you don’t have enough room for a floor lamp but still want to make sure you have enough light around your bed, Sconces are a great lighting bedroom choice; Gorgeous New Paradise Valley Contemporary Estate hit Market for $11.5 Million

XTEN Architecture created an Iconic Property in Los Angeles with Great Room captures all best views to Los Angeles Down Town

11 | Arc lamps are ideal for bedrooms with corners where the light will arch over a table or sofa. Curvilinear Desert Residence in Palm Springs by Brian Foster Designs

12 | Pendant lights are a common choice for any bedroom lighting ideas as they are extremely stylish and allow you to quickly and easily express your sense of décor and style. Casa LV House in Austin, Texas by Bernardo Pozas Residential Design

13 | The best ideas for modern lighting bedroom are to combine a range of color pendant designs and hang them in a line above a bed. Fabulous Meadowhawk Lane Modern Home in Las Vegas by Mark Tracy

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