Luxury Modern Home perched on spectacular location in Cape Town by SAOTA

Located on Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, the luxury modern home offers extraordinary views of city and the sea as well as majestic mountain range.

SAOTA designed a house in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa whose mission is to create a spectacular home. It enjoys the expansive 360-degree sea and mountain views. This area is on the slopes below the Lions Head with views of Robben Island in the north and Camps Bay in the south. While views are paramount, this needs to be balanced with the necessary privacy from within. The living areas are open spaces – enhancing daily life. Secondary spaces are located at lower levels, being careful to limit digging. From the road, these levels are concealed by a landscape wall, positioned penetration in the landscape wall allows natural light, ventilation for the outside rooms but the glass is reset. This luxury modern home is one of exceptional masterpieces by SAOTA.

Photos: Adam Letch

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