Specht Architects

Preston Hollow Residence with Modern Design by Specht Architects

The Preston Hollow Residence, designed by Specht Architects, showcases heavy cast-concrete walls that extend from the interior of the house into the surrounding landscape, creating inviting courtyards and panoramic views from every room. The expansive glass walls further enhance this effect, defining each space while maintaining a strong connection to nature. A floating pavilion roof […]

West Lake Hills Residence with impressive landscape by Specht Architects

West Lake Hills Residence, designed by Specht Architects in the United States, is a stunning transformation of a small, 1970s-era “French style” house located atop a hill amidst a sprawling canopy of oak trees. The primary objective was to create a more spacious and transparent home that seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape, while also […]

Casa Annunziata, a Glass House Blend in with Nature by Specht Architects

Casa Annunziata, located in the United States and designed by Specht Architects, is a truly remarkable space that embodies simplicity and spirituality. The name itself, meaning “spiritual announcement” in Italian, aptly reflects the immaculate minimalist design and the richly adorned art collection housed within. Situated at the rear of a 4.5 acre field, enveloped by […]

Elegant Preston Hollow Home in Dallas, Texas by Specht Architects

Preston Hollow Home in Dallas was designed by Specht Architects in Modern style from steel columns, frameless windows, and flowing water; this house providing a sense of privacy and seclusion from the street and surrounding neighborhood. This home located on beautiful lot with amazing views and wonderful outdoor living spaces including patio, pool, garden. This […]