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Quin Surf Residence, Gracefully Intertwine with Nature by Studio Saxe

Quin Surf Residence, designed by Studio Saxe, is a statement to the seamless integration of architecture and nature. The concept revolves around a central courtyard filled with lush vegetation and existing trees, creating a natural oasis. The landscape apartments surrounding this verdant space offer privacy while showcasing breathtaking views, allowing residents to personally connect with […]

Tres Amores House Frames Views of the Pacific Ocean by Studio Saxe

Tres Amores House designed by Studio Saxe perched on the hilltops of the town of Nosara Costa Rica, that would blend and hide within its natural surroundings. Whilst opening to the dramatic ocean and mountain views. Due to the constrained nature of the size of the site, Studio Saxe decided to create a house composed […]

Casa Azucar, an Oasis Blends Indoor and Outdoor Living by Studio Saxe

Casa Azucar designed by Studio Saxe for a family who look to get away from the winter season and enjoy the tropical weather thus were very explicit in wanting to create an oasis that blends indoors and outdoors. Hence, the designer’s common goal of respect the existing trees and a natural creek that the property […]

Naia House with teak roof, opens up Costa Rican rainforest by Studio Saxe

Naia House retreat in the lush tropical forest is the brainchild of local architecture practice Studio Saxe. Located near the beautiful coastal town of Santa Teresa, the house is an exquisite escape, designed to create a comfortable and eye-catching environment by blending sustainable architecture and contemporary style. A vertical roof-like umbrella creates an atrium for […]