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Haus S, an Impressive Expansion in Stuttgart by Behnisch Architekten

Haus S designed by Behnisch Architekten that revisioned to grasp the encompassing woods and quiet slope area while additionally offering city perspectives of Stuttgart from another upper floor. Set up of a twofold pitched rooftop, a straightforward yet organized, open – arrangement floor acknowledged on the house, a building from the 1930s, which had been […]

Villa K lies long and low on a German hillside by Paul de Ruiter Architects

Villa K located in the forested hills of Thüringen is Dutch studio Paul de Ruiter Architects’ first project in Germany. This house completed in 2014, and won in the Medium-Sized Private House category at the 2016 A+Awards. Indeed, this house adapt the owner’s demand for a home that discrete and integrated in the natural environment. […]

Röhrig House, a Hillside Home Optimizes Resources by Studio Hertweck

Röhrig House designed by Studio Hertweck is part of a series of hillside houses in the German Rhine Valley. The located among the area’s less than straight forward landscape. Stare at the house for a more than a fleeting moment and the cubic nature of the structure is the defining feature. However, with simplicity of […]

Neo House, Breathtaking Monument to Modernity by Querkopf Architekten

Neo House designed by Querkopf Architekten, nestled in a forest in Hamburg, Germany, as like “a sculpture carved out of stone”, the vision of a modern villa has come to reality. It abstracts and reinterprets classical rules: for an incomparable sense of living in the midst of nature. Indeed, this house breaks with all traditions […]

Con & Vent House, Stunning Large Home by Alexander Brenner Architects

Con & Vent House designed by Alexander Brenner Architects is a stunning single family house for two sisters and their family, located in Kirchheim, Germany. As this plot located on a busy road and the surrounding buildings are very heterogeneous, the project onceived as a kind of “cloister complex” with a surrounding wall. The ensemble […]

Crown House, Luxurious and Modern Villa by Alexander Brenner Architects

Crown House is a stunning modern Villa, designed by Alexander Brenner Architects. This home located in Frankfurt, Germany in a hillside villa area in the South of a small residential road. Indeed, the facade facing the street mainly closed, owed to modern living requirements while on the other hand a floor to ceiling glass façade […]

An der Achalm Villa, Combines Horizontal by Alexander Brenner Architects

An der Achalm Villa designed by Alexander Brenner Architects is a stunning luxurious project which combines of the white horizontal cubes. This home located in Reutlingen, Germany and offers magnificent views to the valley and to the slopes on the opposite side. Also, one can even see the Schönberg Tower, which was built according to […]

Sonnenberg House, Two-story House by Alexander Brenner Architects

Sonnenberg House designed by Alexander Brenner Architects is a modern and prominent combination of white cubes. This home located in the interior of a residential quarter, above the Sonnenberg castle ruins overlooking the valley. A branch road and a small “piazza” at the garage to the house entrance lead to the house. Also, a large […]

SOL House, Combination of White Cubes by Alexander Brenner Architects

SOL House designed by Alexander Brenner Architects is a modern and stunning project, located in a suburb of Stuttgart, Germany. The design of the house gives priority to simplicity and timelessness without sacrificing the quality of materials. Also, using of the latest bioclimatic technologies, such as passive heating. It rises on three floors over a […]

Bredeney House, Spacious Modern Home by Alexander Brenner Architects

Bredeney House designed by Alexander Brenner Architects in the South of Essen impresses right from start with its skilful weaving. The open space planning and architecture of this house is reminiscent of the best tradition of modernity. As a result, the house stands confidently in the public street space and unites perfectly. Away from the […]

Stunning Oberen Berg House in Stuttgart, Germany by Alexander Brenner

Stunning Oberen Berg House designed by Alexander Brenner is a wonderfully conceptualized project, offers awesome exterior and interior design ideas, located in the beautiful city of Stuttgart in Germany. The house completed in 2007 with attention to the needs of the owners. This three story contemporary home is an example of how sparse modernism can […]

House Heidehof, an Elegant white Artwork by Alexander Brenner Architects

House Heidehof designed by Alexander Brenner Architects, in 2008. Located in Stuttgart, it spreads on two levels and is on a triangular shape plot. House Heidehof appears promient and bold, as an elegant artwork of white-plastered block. In front of the house is a long road and a great plane tree deserving of assurance at […]

Miki 1 Villa, Beautiful Modern Duplex Villa by Alexander Brenner Architects

Miki 1 Villa was designed by Alexander Brenner Architects is impression of a single, de-tached villa. It consists of 3 floors and two blocks, located in Stuttgart, Germany. While the villas have almost the same floor area, the western half of the duplex has a multi-room plan suitable for a family, whereas the eastern half […]

Elegant SU House For Art and Living by Alexander Brenner Architects

Elegant SU house was designed by Alexander Brenner Architects for an art lover and family. It located on a site directly at the edge of forest, in garden town district in the South of Stuttgart where known for its villas. This home is the addition to the architects’ portfolio, the most detailed and elaborated one […]

Exceptional Villa NEO House in Germany by Querkopf Architekten

Villa NEO House in Germany was designed by Querkopf Architekten with the concept for an incomparable sense of living in the midst of nature. This house offers a high degree of privacy and protection. This home located on beautiful lot with amazing views and wonderful outdoor living spaces including patio, pool, garden. This home is […]