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Home Residence Offers Serene Visual Spaces by Spacy Architecture

Home Residence, a creation of Spacy Architecture nestled in a serene suburb just 30 km from the bustling heart of Bangkok, offers a tranquil retreat amidst the verdant expanse of a golf course. Indeed, the location, surrounded by individual private plots, provides a peaceful haven where one can unwind after the demands of city life. […]

U38 House in Thailand focus on simplicity design & efficiency by OfficeAT

U38 House is situated in Bangkok, Thailand designed by OfficeAT within a site surrounded by typical suburban houses and adjacent to the husband’s family residence. Indeed, designed for a couple and their child, this 400 sqm dwelling conceived with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. In order to meet the owner’s tight deadline of completing […]

Adrisa Residence Offers Picturesque Mountain and Ocean by OfficeAT

OfficeAT designed the Adrisa Residence, a stunning property located in the prestigious gated community of KAYA Estates on Bophut Hills in Koh Samui, Thailand. With a sprawling living area of approximately 1,400m2, this residence offers an unparalleled level of privacy and boasts breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains. To fully capitalize on the magnificent […]

River House offers panoramic view spot of Chao Phraya River by OfficeAT

The River House, designed by OfficeAT, is a magnificent residence that caters to the diverse needs of its owners. The main house is thoughtfully divided into different areas, include a service and sports activities section, a relaxation area, and a sleeping area. The service and sports activities area encompasses essential facilities such as storage, kitchen, […]

BULBUL House with Living Space Extension by Volume Matrix Studio

Volume Matrix Studio designed BULBUL House, named after the Red-Whiskered Bulbul, a beloved bird species to the owner. The house is located by Samrong Canal in Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao, where a pier once served as a transportation hub. The 100-year-old tamarind tree on the land is likened to an elder relative that offers shade and […]

Casa Cloud with Attentive and Localized Architecture by BOONDESIGN

Casa Cloud designed by BOONDESIGN, a paradigm of shifting landscape that reflects both its own character and that of the surrounding environment. Indeed, when considering the relationship between the interior and exterior, it is more of a fusion. The house fuses man with his environment. With interconnectivity between the shifting landscape and the house’s platform, […]

TJ House, an Impressive Plain-white Box by One and a Half Architects

TJ House designed by One and a Half Architects, as a plain-white box, floating without a central pillar for a cleaner eye-level view. Indeed, the building designed for a simple and minimal component, shows proportion aesthetics instead of showing other components. Also, the building’s main wall designed at some distance from the room glass, producing […]

Residence Kongkaherb, Combination of Office & Home by V2in Architects

Residence Kongkaherb designed by V2in Architects is a prominent project in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. Indeed, from the part of the site, the main part plant construction which is an asymmetric land including angles that cannot be utilized efficiently. Also, with the limited space it is challenging to design the functions to have a garden area. […]

Tube House, an Impressive T.U.B.E. House by Volume Matrix Studio

Tube House designed by Volume Matrix Studio, located in narrow and deep area. Therefore, the architects come up with the idea of the T.U.B.E. house, the wind ‘Tunnel’ that ‘Unite’ the ‘Brotherhood’ and family together while concerning the ‘Environment’ of the site. The tube space placed parallel to the site allows the wind to flow […]

TP House with Private, Serene and Greenery Spaces by 2929 Design Lab

TP House designed by 2929 Design Lab, is a one – story house with an area of 500 sq.m. on the ground floor (800 sq.m. include the rooftop), consist of two main compartments. The front compartment is a location of the dining room, living room, a guest chamber, including the way up to the rooftop […]

Baan Nakhonnayok Riverside House in Thailand By Sata Na Architect

Baan Nakhonnayok Riverside House designed by Sata Na Architect, with a design emphasizing escape from the hustle with architecture that prescribes behavior and enhances the point of view and livelihood of people who aimed to live in the surrounding of relaxation. Indeed, when we started the design, the designer selected to position the building in […]

Lomsak Residence, respect & blend in with nature by Architecture’s Matter

Lomsak Residence designed by Architecture’s Matter with the main concept of designing a vacation home in which the owner can enjoy the nature while adapt the daily activity. It is to live in harmony with nature, to enjoy the vibes and the quality of relaxation. The Lomsak house does its best through the process of […]

Sugar House, a Geometric Home by Architects49 House Design Limited

Sugar House designed by Architects49 House Design Limited is an impressive geometric three – story dwelling that located in Bangkok, Thailand. The preconceived idea of ​​this home inspired by the house owner’s family business which is design – built as a turnkey service for the sugar production’s factories all over the world. Therefore, the “Sugar […]

Veil House, Stunning two-story House by Ayutt and Associates Design

Veil House designed by Ayutt and Associates design, this house responds not only to one family but also considers the surrounding families within the neighborhood. For this house, greenspaces subdivided into courts, enclosed in facades and screens of varying degrees of pellucidity. Like individual cloths, tailored to specific requirements, veiled over internal spaces, these specially […]

TT residence with a Central, Glass-fronted Swimming Pool by FLAT12x

TT residence designed by FLAT12x, for a family in Po Kaew, Bangkok, Thailand. The massive home, which spans over 10,700 square feet, illustrates how classic and modern architecture can be combined and how it can thrive in a tropical locale. The homeowners leaned towards classical architecture due to its oversized scale and proportion. While the […]

427 House, Unique and Impressive Design by Maincourse Architect

427 House designed by Maincourse Architect is an impressive project which built on the existing footprint of the old house to keep the beautiful memories and the artworks collection for the owner. Indeed, throughout the design, the material palette of this house reflected in the client’s fashion style which is unique, fashionable, and colorful. Also, […]

Ice Su house for privacy, close to nature by Junsekino Architect and Design

Ice Su house designed by Junsekino Architect and Design, sits on 300 square meter plot of land in Bangkok,Thailand. There is a two-story house with a high degree of privacy and close relationship with the surrounding nature. Also, this house has a simple form, comfortable and warm interior, contributing to the homeowner feeling of peace […]

House Behide with Unique and Impressive Design by TOUCH Architect

House Behide designed by TOUCH Architect, located on a golf course village with the impressive design, following the existing trees in the area. However, thanks to the talent of the architect, it is not only affect to the design, but also create the perfectly fitted function. There is a relativity between existing trees and an […]

Casa Pattaya Shows the Laid-back of Nature in Thailand by MakeAscene

Casa Pattaya designed by MakeAscene is a prominent project which showcases the the laid-back nature of the seaside town. Also, it is bold and impressive among the other houses surrounding. By the creation and talent, the architect carefully put the massing placement and utilizes the negative space as the feature element, to create the overall […]

Hidden House to Enjoy Privacy in Taling Chan, Thailand by Architects 49

Hidden House designed by by Architects 49 to meet the desire of the owner about the house which prioritise the privacy, rarely socialize yet comfortable for themselves. Therefore, the architect focused on the owner’s requirements to create a unique concept for the project. The zoning requirements of public and private areas became one of the […]

PLA2 house, a luxury raft for immersive water experience by Dersyn Studio

PLA2 house designed by architectural firm Dersyn Studio co., the house sits in the sinakharin dam of Western Thailand as a tessellated and private floating unit where guests can enjoy rafting, jet skiing, karaoke, jacuzzi nights, group dining, and more casual gatherings. The project is an expansion of the firm’s successful Z9 resort, completed back […]

TYH house, elegant house with idiosyncratic design by Alkhemist architects

TYH house designed by Alkhemist Architects located in a spacious lot, in Nonthaburi province, Thailand. This house is a vibrant collage of contrasting elements, expresses the unique design and the owner’s own style, yet luxury and offers high end amenities. The zone of the house can be read from outside. The two-storey gabled brick volume […]

MT House with Simple Lifestyle and Harmony with Nature by Urban Praxis

MT House designed by Urban Praxis is an impressive and prominent project, which reflects the simple lifestyle and personality of the owner with the passion of Hong Kong architecture design. The two-stories house located on a beautiful plot of Thailand. Also, it offers a very stunning views of nature and creates the harmony of the […]

Arayaasanee House with Airy feel in Modern tropical Style by Dminusplusb

Arayaasanee House designed by Dminusplusb for the Arayaasanee family intended to be a permanent home. The usable area is as large as 1,500 square meters and it took 3 years for the design and construction to be completed. However, the homeowner gave the architect the opportunity to fully present his ideas. Just ask the house […]

Baan Akat-Yen residence filled with comfort, cool breezes by Studio Krubka

Baan Akat-Yen Residence designed by Studio Krubka is an impressive two stories residence project in Bangkok, Thailand. It dubbed based on the play of the address name, as well as express the wish that the home is filled with the comfort and cool brezees as its name. Due to the constraint of the area in […]

BSPN Residence, Elegant House for 2 Generations by 10 Space Architects

BSPN Residence designed by 10 Space Architects. By talent and many years of experience, the architect brings a stunning house for a family of two generations, for the owner when retired and an extended family of his newlywed son. The house located in the suburb of Thailand, Suphanburi province and offers a very spectacular views […]

Zanolari’s house, stunning multi-functional home in Thailand by HAA Studio

Zanolari’s house designed by HAA Studio is a perfect home for a family of multi generations, located at Panya Village on Pattanakarn Road, Bangkok. The old house demolished and some of its materials have been kept for future decoration to illustrate the nostalgic feelings of the old days. The new house designed under the concept […]

Pie House, An Impressive White Concrete Block by Greenbox Design

Pie House designed by Greenbox Design is an impressive and stunning project. The house showcases the new architecture interpretation, combines the crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Also, the white tone of the house is like a canvas for the frontage trees which create light and shadow in the afternoon. It represents […]

Lobster House Shows Distinctive Architecture by Puchong Satirapipatkul

Lobster House designed by Puchong Satirapipatkul is a gorgeous residence that offers a distinctive architecture outside and in. This home seems to borrow inspiration from the iconic glass houses of the mid century modern era, wrapped in a frame of columns like the classics, and wonderfully clad with on-trend materials. Inside, wide open spaces make […]

Seacliff Modern Villa Concept in Cape Sawan, Thailand by SAOTA

Seacliff Modern Villa Concept is a project located Cape Sawan, Thailand was designed in concept stage by SAOTA in Modern style, it offers luxurious modern living of 4,931 square meter. This home located on beautiful lot 7,542 square meter with amazing views and wonderful outdoor living spaces. This home is truly dream future home was […]

Akas Villa in Thailand by Black Pencils Studio

Akas villa project and residents in Aumphur Pakchong, Nakornratchasrima, Thailand. An already ordered project must also be responsible for the history of the natural landscape of Khao Yai National Park, one of the project’s landscapes, seasons, changes due to age; it is cold in the summer and cold in the winter, golden brown, covered with […]

Sky Dream Villa in Chaweng Noi, Thailand

Sky Dream Villa perched on the mountain side with spectacular panoramic Sea Views. Magnificently designed and super luxurious, 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms Sky Dream villa is perfect for vacation and dream life.

Amazing Seacliff Villa Amanzi in Phuket, Thailand by Architect Firm Original Vision Studio

Stunning modern vacation residence located in the exclusive Cape Sol on the West coast of Phuket, Thailand