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Wood White House combines Classic and Modern Element by Rcab Studio

Wood White House designed by Rcab Studio, with the challenge that arises was to combine two houses in one lot into one harmonious unity. Ideas of fusing wood materials and the color white to be incorporated in the design were what became the main concept of the house. In addition to this, the newly built […]

Sarang Nest House in Indonesia by Realrich Architecture Workshop

Sarang Nest House designed by Realrich Architecture Workshop is an impressive and prominennt project. The storeys stacked in angles with protruded spaces enclosed by perforated wall to buffer the heat, either with traditional red bricks or metal screen that gives industrial look in contrast. This house has four storeys. 250sqm of the ground floor is […]

Treehouse Studio Treads Lightly on Lush Landscape of Bali by Stilt Studios

Treehouse Studio designed by Stilt Studios as a refuge amidst Bali’s lush surroundings, an ideal place to pause, retreat and relax. Indeed, in keeping with Stilt Studios’ ethos ‘treading lightly on earth’, the architects used prefabricated building elements. Also, relying on a conscious choice of materials from responsible sources, and using as much wood as […]

MH Residence with Modern Tropical Style in Indonesia by Studio Avana

MH Residence designed by Studio Avana with the concept is a resort house, a house where the owner can feel the atmosphere of a resort everyday. This house carries a modern tropical style. Indeed, clean and simple are the two words that make up the design of this house. In addition to this, facade design […]

Verdure House, a Harmony of Multi-style in Indonesia by Studio Avana

Verdure House designed by Studio Avana, located on the side of a shady street in Bandung, Indonesia. This house is an impressive project which appears harmonious through the installation of several elements such as natural stone, concrete, and wood, which adopts a multitude of styles such as industrial, traditional Japanese architecture, and modern tropical. These […]

Melt House, a Modern-looking House with Feng Shui element by RDMA

Melt House designed by RDMA is an impressive project with unique shape design. Located in Bandung, Indonesia, the house is a truly one-of-a-kind modern home with the dedicated design while being faithful to the ancient Chinese traditional geomancy practice of Feng Shui. Indeed, after careful observation of the site, it was later determined that based […]

House JT, a Simple and Quiet Structure by Tamara Wibowo Architects

House JT designed by Tamara Wibowo Architects, located on a dead-end street in South Jakarta. In contrast with the intricate and busy roads of South Jakarta, the house meant to be a simple and quiet structure that has its own warm yet strong character through its materials and composition. There are 2 boundaries of the […]

HM House, a Prominent Grey-Structured Three-storey by Axial Studio

HM House designed by Axial Studio is an outstanding project, made of cement roaster with grey facade. Located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia, this grey – colored homey home resembles well – defined modern space to spend the weekend for two. The architect also explains that several advantages and disadvantages are affecting the house with […]

The Alia Residence with Modern Tropical Style in Indonesia by Axial Studio

The Alia Residence designed by Axial Studio is a luxury project which consist of two buildings, the main house and a private clubhouse. Located in Bali, Indonesia, the house offers high end amenities for the owner and comfort spaces for the daily living. Besides, it is a spacious spaces to adapt the family’s members to […]

Cascading House, Stunning Concrete Home by Tamara Wibowo Architects

Cascading House designed in 2022 by Tamara Wibowo Architects is a lovely concrete house located in Semarang, Indonesia. This house designed for a young couple with two small children as their second home away from their main house in Jakarta. Indeed, the characteristics of the site utilized to be the principal design idea of the […]

SS House with Semi resort Concept for Weekend Retreat by Rakta Studio

SS House designed by Rakta Studio is a stunning home with the concept of retreat and becomes an ideal place to relax at the weekend. This house created with multiple different human scales for a dynamic space. The living room composed of a timber ceiling and a lower ceiling height than the dining room area. […]

Dhsac Residence, a Tropical Modern Home by Bitte Design Studio

Dhsac Residence designed by Bitte Design Studio is an impressive project which combine a tropical style with a mid-century modern approach, both exterior and interior design of the space. The house consists of 3 main masses, the front is the semi public area which includes a garage, service area, powder room, and working room. The […]

DJ House with Tropical Style, Modern Architecture Design by Rakta Studio

DJ House designed by Rakta Studio, located in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia. The house is merge of two block, create an inner courtyard with a swimming pool that separate the private and public area. The house consists of 2 storey. As the 1st level is for public function such as living, dining, kitchen and guest […]

Grey Palace house, Beautiful brand new home in Indonesia by Axial Studio

Grey Palace designed by Axial Studio located in the suburbs of Yogyakarta, Indonesia is an impressive stunning project. This is 2 storey house, includes public and private areas and surrounded by Paddy fields, then makes itself harmonious with the nature. Indeed, the design of this house focused on elements that create a tropical – earthy […]

The Hill House, Prominent Project in Indonesia by Wahana Architects

The Hill House designed by Wahana Architects, located on a rocky hill in Senggigi, Lombok, Indonesia is unique and modern living amenities in a truly innovative way. Indeed, due to the topographic features, one of the main challenges for designers is how to maximize the existing site potential and brings an intimate home in a […]

DS House, impressive bold and masculine vibes design by Rakta Studio

DS House designed by Rakta Studio is a prominent project with the bold and masculine vibes apperance. From the exterior, the house seems combine from the stacking concrete boxes with the greyish color of blocks. The outdoor foyer of this house near the entrance door also provides a semi floating timber deck, continuously through inside […]

Serindang House, Stunning Renovation Project in Indonesia by PSA Studio

Serindang House is a stunning renovation project from the house with name Half House in 2002 and located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Due to the owner’s demand, the house needs more spaces and design programs. The owner requires an additional bedroom and bathroom as well as a sitting room. The rooms in this house are a […]

Twisted Detached House, Impressive stunning house by Phidias Indonesia

Twisted Detached House designed by Phidias Indonesia for the couple with the desire that is still relevant for the next 10–20 years. Surprised thing is that they get an out of the box design from Phidias Indonesia. Utilizing the position of the hook lot, architect M. Harfansyah Azhar explored the twisted detached house design. Also, […]

The E House, an Ecofriendly Building by Esperta Architecture – Interior

The E House designed by Esperta Architecture – Interior located in Jakarta, Indonesia with the ideal of friendly with environment. The house divided into 3 levels. The first level is service & office area, the second one is as semi private area, which has kitchen, dining area, and living room. Then, the third one is […]

Palm Street House Balances Luxury and the Nature by Pranala Associates

Palm Street House designed by Pranala Associates is a stunning project which is harmonious between the chic and the nature. The special point of this house is the entrance and the house located at the back. Also, the house plan is divided by grid. In order not to seem stiff, there is a game between […]

B House with tropical mixed with rustic Balinese design by Gohte Architects

B House designed by Gohte Architects for a client with the ideal about the tropical design mixed with rustic Balinese design. The tropical designs offers natural lighting and airflow circulation through the house. Also, still ensure the privacy for all living spaces of the house. Indeed, with the views of the corner area and private […]

Refraction House transform with glass block series combination by RAD+ar

Refraction house designed by RAD+ar, that questioning wall as the most basic element of privacy barrier. And the best way to preserve old East – West facing deep plan. The home transformed by replacing the majority of the walls with a series of different glass block combinations. Indeed, the exist deep plan of this house […]

Awrawikara House, the riches of Life and Luxuries of Nature by Andramatin

Awrawikara House designed by Andramatin, located in one of very few prestigious golfing estates in the city of Bogor, Indonesia. Functioning as a weekend home, the home designed with an inward orientation of space to create optimal privacy for the homeowner. In addition to this, the house offers the magnificent clear view of Mount Salak […]

Golf residence, warm intimate home with golf field views by Gets Architects

Golf Residence designed by Gets Architects for a couple with two children, accommodates a warm and intimate home just as a welcoming space for their extended family. With privileging the view looking out to the golf field and the incidence of sunlight, the mass combination of house started with a transversal cut. Also, the cut […]

Rubic JGC residence, modern home combine feng shui by Gets Architects

Rubic JGC residence designed by Gets Architects is an unique and sophisticated design. Located in the industrial area Cakung, the house developed with minimum openings on the upper level to avoid excessive heat. Thus, the laser-cut aluminum sun shading panels on the second level and minimal skylight on the roof level are implemented to keep […]

Modern J House, a Villa with Impressive Corner Plot by y0 Design Architect

Modern J House designed by y0 Design Architect, originated from the desire of owner about a house with simple design yet modern, comfortable. Clearly, this is oportunity but also the challenge for the architect. Due to they can decorate the house from two sides, but still influence by the heat from the West. As a […]

Uluwatu house, Luxurious Resort-inspired home Atop cliff in Bali by SAOTA

Uluwatu House was designed by SAOTA is a resort-inspired-home in Bali’s iconic surf destination, Uluwatu. It was named after the location, the design of ‘uluwatu house’ is inspired by the nature and incredible views that surround it. Located on a limestone cliff edge, and as such, the social areas of the house as well as […]

Villa WRK in Kabupaten Badung, Indonesia by Parametr Indonesia

Modern tropical villa with stunning beauty on soaring limestone hills of the Uluwatu region of Bali, Indonesia; land for resort villas with an area of 637 square feet casually overlooking the sea. The landlord wants to create a resort villa with 4 bedrooms, a dining room, a family room, a pool area and a skillfully […]