Reis House, home-office combines residence by Patio Livity

Reis House designed by Patio Livity, exemplifies the modern trend, offers a home that seamlessly integrates a work environment while maintaining distinct boundaries between work and living spaces. ConceptReis House, designed for an owner with an online business background, combines a home office with a family residence. The owner envisioned an eclectic tropical concept from […]

Jardin House, Design intertwined with Nature by Patio Livity

Jardin House designed by Patio Livity, located in the heart of Bandung, embodies a modern concept seamlessly integrated with nature. This visionary project features unique architectural elements that enhance privacy while maintaining connectivity between functional spaces, ensuring comfort. A standout feature of Jardin House is its innovative split-level architecture, which not only improves spatial dynamics […]

Villarci Residence, Timeless Retreat by Gets Architects

Villarci Residence, stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of architecture and nature, perched majestically atop the peak of Bogor in western Java. Positioned to capture the awe-inspiring 360-degree panorama of Salak Mountain and the sprawling expanse of Bogor city, this spacious villa exemplifies thoughtful design amidst breathtaking surroundings. Selected by its owner as […]

2628 Sister House, Dual Living Harmony by Pranala Associates

2628 Sister House designed by Pranala Associates, is a contemporary fusion of two families’ dwellings. Constructed between 2011 and 2013 on a spacious 597 square meter plot, this innovative residence seamlessly blends two distinct households into a single architectural masterpiece. Designed to embody the owner’s vision of a manageable, compact, and harmonious living space, this […]

Iyashi House, A Serene Retreat by Pranala Associates

Iyashi House beckons visitors to embrace a moment of tranquility, transcending digital distractions to immerse themselves in the soothing symphony of silence and the subtle allure of suburban nature. With eyes closed, the essence of ‘Iyashi’—healing, rejuvenation, serenity—begins to permeate the senses, enveloping guests in a cocoon of natural light and picturesque serenity. Nestled in […]

YT House, Privacy and Tranquility by Pranala Associates

YT House designed by Pranala Associates, stands as a sanctuary, meticulously crafted to satisfy the owner’s longing for seclusion. Tucked away in the corner of a vibrant residential complex, the residence cleverly employs verdant foliage to shield its inhabitants from prying eyes, presenting nothing but a serene facade of trees and a discreet fence to […]

Umasari House, Modern Tropical Living by Arkana Architects

Umasari House nestled within the vibrant heart of Petitenget, epitomizes the pinnacle of refined residential living. Embracing a contemporary tropical ethos, this residence is meticulously crafted to blend modern comforts with timeless Feng Shui principles, ensuring a harmonious living experience. Spanning across 1,600 sqm of prestigious land, the two-story Umasari House encompasses 1,385 sqm of […]

R+E House, a Contemporary Family Home DP+HS Architects

R+E House designed by DP+HS ArchitectsR+E House, nestled within a serene residential enclave in West Jakarta, Indonesia. This residence sprawls across a 300 sqm expanse, serving as the vibrant abode for a youthful family of four. Meticulously designed by Don Pieto and Henny Suwardi of DP+HS Architects, the dwelling is a testament to the seamless […]

WA House, Harmonious with Nature by Pranala Associates

WA House designed by Pranala Associates, seamlessly integrates its living spaces with the natural environment, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor realms. The journey begins upon entering, where the gentle ripples of a koi pond guide visitors towards the main living area. Ascending the staircase to the upper floor reveals a sprawling open space, […]

DL House, A Tranquil Oasis in Jakarta by DP+HS Architects

DL House located in a residential enclave in Jakarta, Indonesia, this distinctive house stands out from its Mediterranean-styled neighbors. Conceived by Don Pieto & Henny Suwardi of DP+HS Architects, the residence encapsulates the preferences of the younger generation, favoring a connection with nature and a modern tropical ambiance. The brief was quite simple: a house […]

Maine Coon House with Tailored Harmony by Patio Livity

Maine Coon House nestled in the heart of modern architecture, this house transcends the traditional concept of a home. Tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of each family member, it unfolds as a masterpiece of personalized living. From the art-loving and meticulous father to the storage-savvy and organized mother, and the sons with […]

R+J House, Contemporary Art Haven by DP+HS Architects

R+J House located at the secluded corner of a gated community in Jakarta, this residence stands out with its distinctive architectural design. Surrounded by lush greenery, the house provides a serene and natural ambiance, offering a calm retreat within the bustling housing complex. Designed for a young family with a passion for contemporary art, the […]

Grande House, Security, Sustainable living by Patio Livity

Grande house, boasting an expansive 56-meter façade, serves as a captivating canvas for architectural ingenuity while addressing challenges related to security and privacy. Eschewing imposing barriers, our approach embraces a nuanced layering of perforated metal plates, sun-screen louvers, stone walls, and abundant greenery to manage sunlight and privacy. Each meticulously designed room encourages natural airflow […]

Le Kawan House, Tradition & Modernity by W+M Design Studio

Kawan House, a masterpiece crafted by W+M Design Studio, inspired by the breathtaking forest surroundings and the traditional Javanese ‘Joglo’ house that once graced the site. When the family’s needs outgrew the existing Joglo, new structures were introduced, seamlessly harmonizing with the traditional abode while infusing a modern twist. Preserving the Joglo’s architectural essence, characterized […]

The Loop Residence, spiraled architectural Marvel in Bali by Alexis Dornier

The Loop Residence sit in the heart of Bali’s verdant jungle, emerges as a testament to architectural audacity and a celebration of freedom from conventional living. Conceived by the visionary architect Alexis Dornier, this residence challenges norms, defies gravity, and invites inhabitants into a transformative journey of unconventional luxury. The inception of this architectural masterpiece […]

Svastaka House, Blend of Elegance and Serenity by Somia Design Studio

Svastaka House, a masterpiece crafted by Somia Design Studio, stands as a testament to integrated architectural and interior design excellence. Nestled in the heart of South Jakarta, this prime residential gem graces a 200m² plot, presenting a unique challenge and opportunity for the design team. From conception to completion, Somia Design Studio ensured an unwavering […]

Ciasem House, Features Three Delicately Stacked Box by STUDIOKAS

Ciasem House, nestled in the prestigious neighborhood of Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, is the residence of a couple and their three children. In Jakarta, a city known for its intense sunlight and heavy rainfall, especially in this bustling urban locale with numerous public facilities, the design approach of “stacking” was employed to address privacy and climate […]

Studio F15 Offers Inviting and Harmonious Space by Axial Studio

Studio F15, designed by Axial Studio, is a remarkable project nestled in a 187 m2 area at the end of a residential cluster. Embrace a modern tropical concept, the structure incorporates elements like wood, brick, and natural stone. Also, notably, the garden sloping design on the facade serves the dual purpose of ensure privacy and […]

ER House, A Tropical Modern Architecture Design by Arkana Architects

ER House, an exceptional creation by Arkana Architects, perfectly embodies the essence of tropical modern residential architecture. With its sleek and contemporary appearance complemented by natural materials, the house seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces in perfect harmony. Situated in Badung, Bali, the 586 square meter ER House was designed for a family who had […]

Villa Cumulus, Tropical contemporary style family Villa by Arkana Architects

The Villa Cumulus, designed by Arkana Architects, offers a unique and spacious layout thanks to its clever diagonal shape. This design allows the living, dining, and kitchen areas to be more expansive, with the living room positioned at the center of the lower floor, create a serene and perfect relaxation spot. The villa provides delightful […]

Z Line House, a Unique Architectural Landmark by MSSM Associates

Z Line House, designed by MSSM Associates, embodies a captivating fusion of pure and fundamental architectural principles with a parametric design approach. The house reflects a unified design philosophy, incorporate various geometrical elements into a cohesive and functional geometry solution. The exploration of geometric forms aims to maximize the potential of the site, employ calculated […]

Between 2 Courtyards House offers Serene and Relaxing Spaces by Eben

Between 2 Courtyards House, designed by Eben, nestled between two enchanting courtyards, the places the living room at its heart. Serve as a gentle transition from the bustling main road to the sanctuary of the home, the first front courtyard welcomes guests with a unique and captivate experience. Unlike conventional internalized foyers, this space not […]

Weave House with Impressive Webbing Facade by Wahana Architects

Weave House designed by Wahana Architects occupies a relatively confined space of 435 sqm, encompassed by towering three-story structures. With limited potential for a harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, the architects sought to create a distinctively introspective ambiance through innovative spatial exploration. However, an opportunity presented itself on the rooftop, revealing a slight […]

DS House Creates Seamless in-outdoor Integration by Wahana Architects

DS House, designed by Wahana Architects, is a remarkable residence that skillfully blends nature with its surroundings. The house is enveloped by a lush green landscape, enveloping the property with a serene and inviting ambiance. Its distinctive woven façade not only adds a touch of drama but also acts as a filter, providing glimpses of […]

Svarga Cilimus House with unobstructed views to mountain by PSA Studio

Svarga Cilimus House is a beautiful two-bedroom villa located in Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia. The villa is built on a 2300 square meter rice field, surrounded by a village of farmers who make a living by running their rice fields. Besides, the main attraction of this villa is the stunning view of the nearby Ciremai […]

Luke House, an Impressive Luxury Project by Budipradono Architects

Luke House in Indonesia, designed by Budipradono Architects, is a modern interpretation of Balinese ethos. The building’s layout is based on the concept of Dewata Nawasanga, which divides the land into nine parts, and Tri Angga and Tri Mandala, which refer to three-dimensional division vertically. The second madhyama mandala is the main residence, which includes […]

Villa Tanatakah in Indonesia Designed with Sustainability by Asimapra

Tanatakah is a unique private villa located just a few minutes’ walk from the beautiful Pererenan beach in Bali. The villa’s design focused on create an intimate and private space for a family of parents and two adult children, who will soon be starting their own families. The villa situated in a trendy and newly […]

Bernaung House in tropical belt location, reach sustainability by RAD+AR

Bernaung House designed by RAD+AR is an impressive project with unique shape. The design was to rearrange all the user’s activity during the day and cycle it into as a loop within a giant roof hovering above it. Besides, atrium as the center of the houses acted both as a visual direction and wind chimney […]

Springhills House creates comfortable living spaces by Pranala Associates

Springhills House designed by Pranala Associates is a prominent project that located in Java, Indonesia. The finished building took a shape of an almost symmetrical square block. Therefore, its form also gives a sense of firmness and stiffness compared to its dynamic curved and contoured site its placed. On the other hand, the facade has […]

Rumah RifBagus House, Elegant Home in Indonesia by Gets Architects

Rumah RifBagus House designed by Gets Architects in the noisy East Jakarta street. Therefore, for noise reduction and privacy, a required setback designed as a buffer. From the street, this house appears modest in its mass combination, materiality, and color. However, beneath the surface lies a series of built spaces designed to be distinctive in […]

The Gritted Grid House with opulence and charm nature by Gets Architects

The Gritted Grid House designed by Gets Architects is a light-filled, airy, and energy – efficient house that balances the demands of the family and their pets. Also, those systems work in harmony with the environment. This house confidently sited at the apex of the neighborhood. Therefore, provide two corners with its characteristic strength: a […]

Wood White House combines Classic and Modern Element by Rcab Studio

Wood White House designed by Rcab Studio, with the challenge that arises was to combine two houses in one lot into one harmonious unity. Ideas of fusing wood materials and the color white to be incorporated in the design were what became the main concept of the house. In addition to this, the newly built […]

Sarang Nest House in Indonesia by Realrich Architecture Workshop

Sarang Nest House designed by Realrich Architecture Workshop is an impressive and prominennt project. The storeys stacked in angles with protruded spaces enclosed by perforated wall to buffer the heat, either with traditional red bricks or metal screen that gives industrial look in contrast. This house has four storeys. 250sqm of the ground floor is […]

Treehouse Studio Treads Lightly on Lush Landscape of Bali by Stilt Studios

Treehouse Studio designed by Stilt Studios as a refuge amidst Bali’s lush surroundings, an ideal place to pause, retreat and relax. Indeed, in keeping with Stilt Studios’ ethos ‘treading lightly on earth’, the architects used prefabricated building elements. Also, relying on a conscious choice of materials from responsible sources, and using as much wood as […]

MH Residence with Modern Tropical Style in Indonesia by Studio Avana

MH Residence designed by Studio Avana with the concept is a resort house, a house where the owner can feel the atmosphere of a resort everyday. This house carries a modern tropical style. Indeed, clean and simple are the two words that make up the design of this house. In addition to this, facade design […]

Verdure House, a Harmony of Multi-style in Indonesia by Studio Avana

Verdure House designed by Studio Avana, located on the side of a shady street in Bandung, Indonesia. This house is an impressive project which appears harmonious through the installation of several elements such as natural stone, concrete, and wood, which adopts a multitude of styles such as industrial, traditional Japanese architecture, and modern tropical. These […]

Melt House, a Modern-looking House with Feng Shui element by RDMA

Melt House designed by RDMA is an impressive project with unique shape design. Located in Bandung, Indonesia, the house is a truly one-of-a-kind modern home with the dedicated design while being faithful to the ancient Chinese traditional geomancy practice of Feng Shui. Indeed, after careful observation of the site, it was later determined that based […]

House JT, a Simple and Quiet Structure by Tamara Wibowo Architects

House JT designed by Tamara Wibowo Architects, located on a dead-end street in South Jakarta. In contrast with the intricate and busy roads of South Jakarta, the house meant to be a simple and quiet structure that has its own warm yet strong character through its materials and composition. There are 2 boundaries of the […]

HM House, a Prominent Grey-Structured Three-storey by Axial Studio

HM House designed by Axial Studio is an outstanding project, made of cement roaster with grey facade. Located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia, this grey – colored homey home resembles well – defined modern space to spend the weekend for two. The architect also explains that several advantages and disadvantages are affecting the house with […]

The Alia Residence with Modern Tropical Style in Indonesia by Axial Studio

The Alia Residence designed by Axial Studio is a luxury project which consist of two buildings, the main house and a private clubhouse. Located in Bali, Indonesia, the house offers high end amenities for the owner and comfort spaces for the daily living. Besides, it is a spacious spaces to adapt the family’s members to […]