House Brise by Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning

House Brise by Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning, located in Praia do Forte, on the North coast of Bahia, the residence has 580m² distributed over two floors and a basement. The project, started in 2021 and completed the following year, posed a challenge for the team at Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning office, […]

Rendada House, A Coastal Haven by Milcent Arquitetura

Rendada House designed by Milcent Arquitetura, nestled along the Bahia coast. This house emerges as a testament to innovative design and coastal living. Situated on a unique plot, the residence by Milcent Architecture rises to the challenge of balancing panoramic views, challenging winds, and the need for vibrant family living. At its core, “Casa Rendada” […]

Serra Azul House, Harmonious Fusion by Apiacás Arquitetos

Serra Azul House designed by Apiacás Arquitetos, nestled within a condominium near São Paulo. This architectural marvel seamlessly blends modern design with traditional Brazilian vernacular aesthetics. Designed to embrace the gentle slope of its plot, the single-story layout reflects the ethos of open, yet covered, veranda houses commonly found in local architecture. The circulation within […]

Residência RRD 04 in Brazil by Paulo Henrique Paranhos

Residência RRD 04 designed by Paulo Henrique Paranhos, nestled within a vast residential expanse, this residence embodies a harmonious integration with its natural surroundings. Rather than imposing on the landscape, the architecture embraces the existing cerrado species, ensuring their preservation amidst future developments. Eschewing the typical urban typology of separate houses and paved streets, the […]

Tune House in Brazil by FB+MP Arquitetos Associados

Tune House designed by FB+MP Arquitetos Associados, stands as a testament to modern architectural innovation and environmental stewardship, nestled within the breathtaking landscape of the Araripe Plateau in the Cariri region of Ceará, Tune House Derived from the ancient Tupi word “ararype,” meaning “in the river of the macaws,” this residence harmonizes seamlessly with its […]

LGM House in Brazil by Luciano Dalla Marta Arquitetura

LGM House designed by Luciano Dalla Marta Arquitetura, meticulously developed for a couple of long-term clients, marking our third successful collaboration. Situated amidst the picturesque countryside of São Paulo, the design prioritizes both social engagement and privacy while embracing the region’s warm climate. The house is ingeniously divided into two interconnected blocks linked by a […]

Apuã House Showcases Elevated Elegance by Aoki Arquitetura

Apuã House, perched atop one of the highest points within the condominium, was strategically positioned to take full advantage of its surroundings. Situated on a lot with a steep slope, the decision to locate the residence on a large plateau 6 meters above street level was pivotal. The architectural design revolved around three core principles: […]

K House, striking multi-volume house by Mayresse Arquitetura

K House, a captivating architectural masterpiece, stands proudly as the dream abode for a family yearning to embrace each day with a view of the mesmerizing sunset. Crafted with three overlapping volumes, the house showcases a harmonious blend of exposed concrete, natural stone, and metal structure, defining its unique character. Situated on a sloped lot […]

Água house, waterfront gem by Stemmer Rodrigues Architecture

Água House is a masterpiece crafted by Stemmer Rodrigues Architecture, spanning over 450 m². Aptly named for its residents’ desire to be close to the water, the project seamlessly blends nature and architecture. The distinctive volumetric design is reflected in a water mirror that gracefully begins in the garden and guides visitors to the entrance. […]

Lima House, A Coastal Oasis by Pietro Terlizzi Arquitetura

Lima House nestled in the bustling heart of São Paulo is a 400 m² architectural gem designed by Pietro Terlizzi Arquitetura, stands as a testament to coastal living within an urban landscape. Built from scratch, the three-level residence seamlessly integrates warmth, brightness, and a touch of beach house charm into its design, utilizing natural materials […]

Casa FB, A Tranquil Annex Inspired by Vineyard Elegance

Casa FB, stands as a graceful annex to an existing family home, conceived to serve as a luxurious living area and master suite. Inspired by the spacious and inviting reception areas of vineyards visited by the owner, the design encompasses a living room, cellar, wine bar, support kitchen, and a spacious suite, all seamlessly integrated […]

Boa Vista VIII Residence in Brazil by Arquitetura Gui Mattos

Boa Vista VIII Residence, crafted as a haven for family summers, this architectural project draws inspiration from the picturesque views of the lake and the enchanting sunset. The entrance hall, distinguished by its vibrant orange-ocher hue, serves as a focal point amidst the white volumes, creating a harmonious union. Marking its purpose through color, the […]

LC House with Contemporary Design by Caracho Arquitetos

LC House, nestled on a corner lot in Lençóis Paulista – SP, this exceptional residence stands as a testament to contemporary design and thoughtful functionality. The house is strategically positioned on a slight slope, influencing the design of the accesses and creating a dynamic layout organized into three distinct blocks: the garage, the social sector, […]

Casa do Olhar by Tati Tavares + Alex Dalcin Arquitetura

Casa do Olhar, designed by Tati Tavares and Alex Dalcin Arquitetura, is situated in Goiânia/GO and was envisioned for a young couple embarking on the journey of starting a family. This residence caters to their love for socializing, hosting friends and family, and cherishing shared moments. Beyond being a mere shelter, the house was conceptualized […]

MCZ House Embraces Nature by NIU Arquitetura e Construção

MCZ House, a masterpiece crafted by NIU Arquitetura e Construção, stands as a testament to the seamless integration of architectural ingenuity with the surrounding landscape. Envisioned with the fundamental principle that every corner of the residence should offer a panoramic view, the design unfolds a captivating narrative from the garage to the social and gourmet […]

HPZ House in Brazil, A Sustainable Haven by Magarão + Lindenberg Arq

HPZ House designed by Magarão + Lindenberg Arq, emerges as a haven conceived during the pandemic, designed to offer refuge, connection with the outdoors, and a welcoming space for family and friends. Balancing spaciousness with coziness, this five-suite residence prioritizes leisure and communal areas. The architectural journey begins with sustainability at its core, choosing Glulam […]

Petrus House, Minimalist Haven by Sala Squadra Arquitetura & Interiores

Petrus House designed by Sala Squadra Arquitetura & Interiores is a single story masterpiece designed for a young family. With a commitment to minimalism, abundant natural light, and optimal ventilation, this corner lot residence seamlessly integrates internal spaces with leisure areas, surrounded by enchanting gardens and adorned with timeless materials. The metal structure, a cornerstone […]

Baroneza XI Residence, Tranquil Oasis of Light & Elegance by Gui Mattos

Baroneza XI Residence stands as a testament to architectural finesse and thoughtful design by Gui Mattos. The house located in the serene interiors of São Paulo, just 70 km away from the bustling capital. This light and compact marvel are strategically positioned at the front of the expansive lot, offering a harmonious blend of privacy […]

Montes Claros House in Brazil Elevated Elegance by Venta Arquitetos

Montes Claros House, a creation by Venta Arquitetos is an architectural marvel that nestled in the enchanting city of Montes Claros in northern Minas Gerais. Positioned strategically on a gently sloping lot with a captivating view of the nearby stream and the verdant forest beyond, this residence is a harmonious blend of urban sophistication and […]

Castelatto Pavilion in Brazil by Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos Associados

Castelatto Pavilion, a creation by Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos Associados, nestled within the expansive industrial complex just outside Atibaia’s urban boundaries. Indeed, this house emerges as a distinctive testament to architectural prowess and artistic integration. Surrounded by rolling hills and verdant landscapes, this pavilion seamlessly combines industrial functionality with aesthetic elegance. Situated amidst production warehouses and […]

Residence ABC Paulista, Fusion of Geometry and Nature by Gui Mattos

Residence ABC Paulista, envisioned by Gui Mattos, is a testament to the seamless integration of architectural geometry and the natural landscape. Nestled on a sprawling corner lot, this transformative project involved the demolition of an old structure. Also, paving the way for a completely reimagined plan that harmonizes with the land’s contours, slope, existing gardens, […]

Roses House, Transformation, modern oasis by Renan Mendes Arquitetura

Roses House design of Renan Mendes Arquiteturaundergoes a stunning metamorphosis, guided by the visionary. The project’s core objective was to infuse the existing structure with a contemporary and functional flair, seamlessly marrying modernity with the charm of the original architecture. The design philosophy centered around creating a home that exuded a “modern home feel,” aligning […]

MDG Baroneza House in Brazil by Gálvez & Márton Arquitetura

MDG Baroneza House designed by Gálvez & Márton Arquitetura, showcases harmonious living within the natural landscape. Indeed, nestled atop two gently sloping lots, this house boasts an elevated perspective and harnesses the landscape’s beauty, guiding the eye towards distant horizons. Its structural design ingeniously utilizes the terrain, allowing the ground floor’s extension to organically form […]

A6 House, A Contemporary Architectural Marvel by Gruta.Arquitetos

A6 House designed by Gruta.Arquitetos , Spans a generous 220m², is a masterpiece of architectural design. This project brilliantly integrates social, private, and service spaces under a single roof, making the most of its 360m² plot. The structure is defined by two longitudinal, reinforced concrete beams that stretch to the ends, supported by four pillars, […]

N16 House, Modern Corner with Leisure Areas House by Gruta.Arquitetos

N16 House designed by Gruta.Arquitetos showcases the first architectural insight aimed to realize this dream by aligning the program’s components along a longitudinal axis on the right side of the property. While gracefully opening up the social quarters to the untouched expanse on the left. The corner location provided a unique opportunity, free from neighboring […]

Residence CCL, Blend of Nature and Architecture by Pitta Arquitetura

Residence CCL designed by Pitta Arquitetura is a masterful fusion of architectural excellence and the lush natural surroundings. Nestled just a stone’s throw away from the beach, within a tranquil residential condominium in Ubatuba on the north coast of São Paulo, Designed to seamlessly coexist with its pristine environment, the residence prioritizes natural materials, expansive […]

Patio House, Modern House with Social Spaces by Renata Barbugli

The Patio House, a creation by Renata Barbugli, embodies the essence of a family-oriented dwelling that revels in the joys of hospitality and celebration. Crafted with the utmost consideration for harmonious coexistence while safeguarding the privacy of intimate spaces, this modernist marvel is characterized by clean lines and a design philosophy that seamlessly blends comfort […]

Terras House with Visual and Spatial Integration by Taguá Arquitetura

Terras House is a stunning single – story home in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Taguá Arquitetura + Design. The home is notable for its visual and spatial integration, which achieved through a unique hybrid construction system. And a seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The architects divided the house into several blocks, […]

Patio House with Architectural Innovation by Caio Persighini Arquitetura

Patio House, a masterpiece by Caio Persighini Arquitetura, embodies a harmonious blend of architectural innovation and client trust. The concept of a central patio, a free and open space, was at the project’s core from its inception. Indeed, the clients’ openness and trust allowed the architect to explore uncharted territory in design. Their brief included […]

Jabuticaba House for modern living by Fernanda Marques Arquitetura

Jabuticaba House, a masterpiece by Fernanda Marques Arquitetura, is a testament to modern family living. Nestled within a São José dos Campos condominium, this residence was meticulously designed to fulfill the dreams of a young couple with small children, create a true home for a lifetime. Covering almost 1400 square meters, this grand abode boasts […]

01 TVN House, Disguised among the Vegetation Saraiva e Associados

01 TVN House, tucked away amidst the lush tropical forest of Itacaré, Brazil emerges, artfully blending into its verdant surroundings. Designed by Saraiva e Associados, this architectural gem was meticulously crafted in harmony with the environmental constraints and condominium regulations. The primary goal was to ensure that the house seamlessly integrated with the natural landscape […]

House of the Circular Terraces, nestled in tranquil valley by Denis Joelsons

House of the Circular Terraces, a creation by Denis Joelsons, harmoniously integrates with the lush Atlantic Forest, nestled within a tranquil valley. Unlike properties offering expansive horizon views, this dwelling’s focal point is a captivating space defined by the overarching canopy of the surrounding trees. To seamlessly blend with the natural slope of the terrain […]

Cruzaltense Residence in Brazil by VOO® Arquitetura e Engenharia

Cruzaltense Residence, a creation of VOO® Arquitetura e Engenharia, is nestled in the serene countryside of Cruzaltense, Rio Grande do Sul. Surrounded by lush woodlands and the family farm, this residence harnesses the unique potential of its setting. The primary goal was to offer residents a profound sense of freedom and privacy within the expansive, […]

Jandayas House for Privacy, Integrated Landscape by Sala 03 Arquitetura

Jandayas House, designed by Sala 03 Arquitetura, is a splendid summer residence located in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. Indeed, this stunning home created for a family consist of a doctor, a fashion designer, and their teenage daughter, each with a vision for their dream getaway. Situated on a spacious 3,040 square meter lot, […]

Pleated House, An Expression of Architectural Creativity by Leo Romano

Pleated House, envisioned by the brilliant mind of Leo Romano, opens its doors with a ground floor entrance that warmly embraces visitors in an expansive, welcoming atmosphere. The spacious living room, at the heart of the residence, beckons for moments of togetherness and relaxation. Dominate the scene, a grand dining table invites the creation of […]

Alagado House in Brazil blends in with nature by Michel Macedo Arquitetos

Alagado House by Michel Macedo Arquitetos emerges as a harmonious addition to this evolving environment, nestled along the channel of the Iguaçu River, where the landscape has been subtly transformed by the presence of hydroelectric plants. Situated in Nova Prata do Iguaçu, within the floodplain of the Salto Caxias hydroelectric plant, the house respects the […]

DWM House, merges architectural innovation & nature by Rocco Arquitetos

DWM House, meticulously redesigned by the renowned architectural firm Rocco Arquitetos, stands as an epitome of elegant modern living. Situated harmoniously within its natural surroundings, this residence seamlessly merges architectural innovation with the beauty of nature. Upon first sight, the clean lines and minimalist façade of DWM House capture one’s attention. The interplay of light […]

RZ Residence, an Elegant Project by Padovani Arquitetos Associados

RZ Residence, perched atop the highest elevation designed by Padovani Arquitetos Associados, boasts a sleek and airy design. The entry defined by a garage space and an aluminum-panel-clad block that mirrors the main entrance, all framed by a concrete portico that gracefully extends toward the ground. This minimalist yet welcoming approach ensures privacy while gradually […]

FA House Blend of Functionality and Warmth Design by Rocco Arquitetos

FA House, a visionary creation by Rocco Arquitetos, embodies the essence of hospitality, reflect the client’s desire to create a haven for friends. This guide principle steered the entire design process, result in a harmonious blend of functionality and warmth. The main volume boasts a vast glass panel atop, ushering abundant natural light to suffuse […]

Casa View, a Modern Masterpiece Designed by Karina Pontes Arquitetura

Casa View, a visionary creation by Karina Pontes Arquitetura, emerges as a testament to architectural excellence. This masterpiece encapsulates modern design and functional living within its walls.Nestled within its surroundings, Casa View seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with the natural environment. Designed to offer a sanctuary of comfort and sophistication, it stands as an embodiment of […]