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Cata vento House, for Tranquility and Nature Connection by Equipe Lamas

Cata vento House designed by Equipe Lamas is an elegant home for a couple who seek the privacy, tranquility, yet still connection with the nature. This house built with low-cost materials and construction solutions. Also, with mixed structures, the metal beams support concrete pillars. The external masonry walls painted in light earth color and dialogue […]

JPP House, Reconciles Architecture and Nature by Zanesco Arquitetura

JPP House designed by Zanesco Arquitetura is an impressive home which blend in with nature surrounding. Indeed, the project is the result of a careful look at the uses of greater permanence for the residents, prioritizing the best sunlight and local visuals, and valuing the elements available in the surroundings. On the other hand, developed […]

Jardim América House with a Unique Identity by TODOS Arquitetura

Jardim América House designed by TODOS Arquitetura is an elegant house that located in Jardim América, in the city of São Paulo. By the talent and many years of experience, the designer brings an impressive design with unique identity for two neighboring houses. In the interiors, the architect made a more assertive intervention to connect […]

House in the Woods with spectacular view of nature by TETRO Arquitetura

House in the Woods designed by TETRO Arquitetura that offers spectacular view of the mountains and vegetation characteristic of the Atlantic Forest. The house connected to the street through the upper level. On this floor are found the garage and the two accesses to the lower level via two different stairs. In addition to this, […]

Shed House, a Perfect Comfortable Retreat by Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos

Shed House designed by Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos is a stunning project which innovated from a houses built more than 15 years old, on a corner of a traditional and quiet neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil. Indeed, the designer brings a perfect comfortable retreat for all times with high end amenities and nature connection. Integration is […]

Sottile House, an Elegant Home in Brazil by Felipe Caboclo Arquitetura

Sottile House designed by Felipe Caboclo Arquitetura that showcases the elegant design while still take advantage from location. This house is 50m prism spreads on the hill and offers stunning views to the nature. Indeed, the project developed in an unconventional way since the hall and main access take place in a private block. Besides, […]

Earth House with Sustainable Design by TAY Arquitetura Ecológica

Earth House designed by TAY Arquitetura Ecológica is an impressive project which is more ecological and sustainable, aiming to reduce impacts on the environment. In the search for a natural result, using earth resources, it decided to build the walls of the house using rammed earth. This ancient technique is becoming more and more widespread […]

House 212, amazing house with beautiful landscape by NEBR Arquitetura

House 212 designed by NEBR Arquitetura, set amidst the scenic rocky lands of Agreste, Pernambucana in Brazil, is a 400sqm private house that beautifully addresses the surrounding landscape. The white monolith combines the unique green context with modern geometry. The concrete symbiosis of solid and voids create a rhythmic composition. Indeed, everything emerges and translates […]

Paulo Minosso House, An Impressive Home by Porto Neves Arquitetura

Paulo Minosso House designed by Porto Neves Arquitetura is a prominent stunning project. Located at Muro Alto Beach, this house offers spectacular views to the nature and high end amenities for the owner, with the luxurious spaces yet comfort for daily living. In this project, the architect had a participation that extrapolates the scope of […]

Porto Madero House, an Impressive Home by grupoDEArquitetura

Porto Madero House designed by grupoDEArquitetura, a renowned Brazil based architect. This house located in the Southern part of the city with the largest facade facing a Permanent Preservation Area – APP. With this morphology, the project implemented on two levels. One on the lowest level with entrance through the largest facade where the garage, […]

JR House, a Comfort Home in Brazil by Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos

JR House designed by Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos that adapt the client requirement for, needs to the limitations of an existing home, but with some freedom of structural adjustments. These adjustments gave the designer more design and spatial flexibility, thus enable the customers’ wishes. Another important point initially decided was the maintenance of the original facade […]

AK House with Minimalism Concept Design by Aguirre Arquitetura

AK house designed by Aguirre Arquitetura, located in Uberlândia, integrates the architecture program with the living areas. Therefore, it creates a luxury home yet comfort spaces for the daily use demand of the owner. Indeed, minimalism is a strong element for the project concept, through monolithic planes, the use of few materials and well – […]

Piano House with Contemporary Architecture by Ao Cubo Arquitetura

Piano House designed by Ao Cubo Arquitetura, is an impressive project which is prominent among the large green nature. Also, taking advantage from the location, the house offers a spectacular views to the outside. The house divided into two fundamental blocks, each with two floors. Access is on the first floor, which is reserved for […]

Green House, Stunning Brand-new Home in Brazil by ES Arquitetura

Green House designed by ES Arquitetura with the view from the whole house and the strong connection of indoor and outdoor. By the talent and many years of experience, the designer offers an artwork of architecture design and create an impressive house with unique design. The necessities program had a gym and an office separate […]

Bento house, stylish modern home affords privacy & openness by FCstudio

Bento House designed by FCstudio, located on a plot of land in the exclusive Jardim Paulista neighbourhood southwest of downtown Sao Paulo in Brazil. This house stands on an elongated plot making an interesting game of openings and closings of the house according to its facades. Indeed, this house introverted and discreet, it is a […]

CRJ House with simple, horizontal design by Sum Architecture

CRJ House designed by Sum Architecture for the person who love nature, silence and peace. Located in Riviera. Brazil, the house is a simple yet elegant home which offers free spaces and integrated rooms for the owners. In addition to this, the house showcases the interest and style of the homeowner with the artwork display. […]

Guaecá House with stunning beach view by Belluzzo Martinhao Arquitetos

Guaecá House designed by Belluzzo Martinhao Arquitetos is an impressive beach house with a spectacular views to the nature. Indeed, the house adapts perfectly the owner’s demand for a spacious spaces which is comfortable for the daily living, and gathering also. In this sense, the optimization and integration of spaces were fundamental. On the ground […]

Casa FCS in Tamboré, Brazil by SAU Studio Arquitetura Urbanismo

Casa FCS in Brazil by SAU Studio Arquitetura Urbanismo, conceived as a large linear pavilion parallel to the street (North South direction). This house designed with one priority: the use and coexistence of family and friends. Therefore, all rooms of this house open onto the large landscaped patio, where there is a square, a swimming […]

Itu House with Permeability of the Incredible View in Brazil by Studio Dlux

Itu House designed by Studio Dlux, located in Brazil, when a small slot in the city that bears the name of the house was found. In a space with few houses nearby, the slot took advantage of a large slope that allowed a complete view of the horizon. After some time, the slot began to […]

EP House with an Exuberant View by SAU Studio Arquitetura Urbanismo

EP House designed by SAU Studio Arquitetura Urbanismo is an impressive project which offers a very spectacular views to the nature. Indeed, this house is like a suspended volume with an unique shape and design to take the advantage from prime location and enjoy the views from all areas of this house. The materiality of […]

Summer House to Contemplate Nature by Lucas Gonçalves Arquitetura

Summer House designed by Lucas Gonçalves Arquitetura adapt the owner’s design for a practical, functional, and cozy home. Indeed, the identity and essence of the client are important factors in the elaboration of spaces. This one brought by the designer and makes this house become an impressive project. For this project, the entire spaces of […]

Pérgola House in Brazil by Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning

Pérgola House designed by Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning is a stunning project which showcases the rustic yet still charming and modern. Indeed, the house adapts the owner’s demand for a spacious spaces to gather and receive friends. Also, it designed to adapt to its natural landscape through the use of natural materials, like […]

Açucena House Immersed in Lush Atlantic Rainforest by Tetro Arquitetura

Açucena House designed by Tetro Arquitetura, rises fifteen meters through stilts penetrated into the earth and resides within the core of a forest in Brazil. Indeed, this house integraté with nature, use of apparent materials, and exploration of empty spaces, placing their clients within the tradition of Brazilian modern architecture as a starting point before […]

FM House in Brazil by Dayala e Rafael Arquitetos Associados

FM House designed by Dayala e Rafael Arquitetos Associados is an impressive house which stands out in the landscape, among the ative savanna forest with numerous large trees. The terrain, in the middle of the block, faces two streets. Floresta Avenue’s primary social access is located at the bottom of the land, through a long […]

Nesello House, Nice Renovation with Contemporary Design by Galeria 733

Nesello House designed by Galeria 733 architect is a stunning renovation from a traditional house into a modern project which brings the comfort and high end amenities for the owners. Indeed, the biggest technical challenges involved the construction of the new reinforced concrete roofs, to minimize sunlight on the west façade and the new master […]

AD House for Comfortable Living J.A. Becker Arquitetura e Construções

AD house designed by J.A. Becker Arquitetura e Construções, located in a noble condominium in the city of Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, and with a privileged view to the outside. Indeed, this house meets the owner’s demand and characteristics of the family for a modern house yet still comfortable and practicality of everyday […]

EL House in Brazil by Estudio Centro Arquitetura e Urbanismo

EL House in Brazil designed by Estudio Centro Arquitetura e Urbanismo, located in located in Curitiba, close to Bosque Alemão, Brazil. The urban lot has 600m², arranged in a rectangular format, with a gap of 6 meters between the street and the back border. The Northern sun faces the front of the terrain, almost perpendicularly. […]

Anima House, Unique Design with Wooden System by 24 7 Arquitetura

Anima House designed by 24 7 Arquitetura, located in São Paulo, Brazil, conceived in order to fit in as an ideal project for almost any family of 4 to 5 people. Positioned along the lot’s longest length, as a narrower rectangle in relation to the lot’s width, the house opens to the morning sun and […]

Passos House with Open Concept and Integrated Spaces by David Guerra

Passos House designed by David Guerra that becomes a highlight in town by complexity combined with natural simplicity. From this house, dwellers can find the comforts of modern life but also the indispensable contact with nature, fresh air, and silence. Indeed, it’s the synthesis of good architecture, answering to the most rigorous demands of a […]

S&R Residence with Simply Architecture by Voo Arquitetura e Engenharia

S&R Residence designed by Voo Arquitetura e Engenharia, located on downhill land in the city of Blumenau and give the users a ground floor experience. The house also offers the stunning views of mountains and the horizon, brings closeness to the green landscape. Indeed, the house brings simplified architectural elements. The materials used in the […]

Impressive Project named Casa Dotta House in Brazil by Galeria 733

Impressive project named Casa Dotta House designed by Galeria 733, located in Xangri-lá, in the Enseada Lagos condominium. Indeed, this house designed to create the social and leisure environments and keeps the intimate ones. For this house, two subtractions were made on the ground floor volume, to delimit the car shelter and the balcony, respectively. […]

BM Residence Approaches Nature by Belluzzo Martinhao Arquitetos

BM Residence designed by Belluzzo Martinhao Arquitetos to become weekend getaway which integrated with the nature. Indeed, for this house, the landscape subtly inserts with the architecture, disintegrates the living spaces and the outside nature. Also, the project unfolds in a ground floor volume, supported by a slab slightly detached from the ground, which seems […]

Auta House for the Flexibility of Uses in Brazil by Meius Arquitetura

Auta House designed by Meius Arquitetura, for the flexibility of uses, being possible for its use as a residence or as the headquarters of a company. On the outside front of the building is the garage with spaces for 2 vehicles. Besides, the first floor consists of two halls, connected by a wide circulation, which […]

House Guaeca II Located in a Green Area in Brazil by AMZ Arquitetos

House Guaeca II designed by AMZ Arquitetos, situated in a green area in São Sebastião, Brazil that creates constant a indoor – outdoor integration. This house located at the seaside, on the Northern coast of Sao Paulo, in a gated community where wide grassy streets connect the lots to the beach. On the ground floor, […]

Alphaville House by Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning

Alphaville House completed in 2018 in Salvador/ Bahia in Brazil designed by Sidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planning. With straight lines and the use of natural materials created an Urban feel but with a strong relationship with the site and its immediate context. Due to the natural and accentuated slopes of the plot, the four […]

DC Residence, Elegant house with Beautiful views by F Poles Arquitetura

DC Residence designed by F:Poles Arquitetura is a stunning project which provides the spacious spaces and the beautiful views for the homeowner. Indeed, the implementation of the house designed in a way that prioritizes the landscape of the back of the lot. But also creates a visual barrier regarding the street, in order to provide […]

Beach House Lagos Park 401 House in Brazil by BRZL Brazil Arquitetos

Beach House Lagos Park 401 Residence designed by Brazil Arquitetos is an elegant project with impressive design. It is the house turn inwards, open for a private courtyard with the pool and develop the spaces facing it and the street. Indeed, the owners chose this option for the reason of the neighborhood being quiet and […]

House 7 Patios, supported on slope with vegetation by TETRO Arquitetura

House 7 Patios designed by TETRO Arquitetura is a direct response to the understanding of the place. Located on the slopes in São Paulo, Brazil, it became clear the need to create an architecture that minimizes negative impacts and expands positive characteristics. In the context of this terrain, it is essential to reduce sound and […]

Courtyard House for Two Boys in Brazil by Shieh Arquitetos Associados

Courtyard House for Two Boys designed by Shieh Arquitetos Associados located on the calm city Vinhedo SP. of Brazil. Indeed, with the talent and many year experience, the designer brings the ideal home to meet the owner’s demand. This home designed for a family to have space together, makes itself become a universe for parents […]

Jangadas House, a Stunning Beach House in Brazil by GAM Arquitetos

Jangadas House designed by GAM Arquitetos with the valued view to the sea, makes it become an impressive beach house. Indeed, being designed to dialogue at all times with its surroundings, nature is as a key element of this home. Brises and wooden pergolas allow the entry of ventilation and natural lighting in a comfortable […]